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According to reports a rocket engine used by North Korea in its intercontinental ballistic missile may have been of Ukrainian origin. It has been said that the regime uses the Soviet-era RD 250. However, Ukraine denied this report that it did enter or sign contract with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

And while books are becoming TV shows, CD’s are becoming extinct. Streaming technology has killed yet another 20th century invention, but there can still be some value in the land of lost formats. How to turn your old CD’s into silver, is on the breakdown.

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iPhone 11 Trailer 2018 | Latest NEWS and LEAKS

A three-year-old girl locked her mum’s iPhone for nearly 25 million minutes – or nearly 48 years – after she entered the wrong passcode too many times, according to local media.

In the video, captured in Fuzhou City in southeastern China’s Fujian Province on March 6, the message: “iPhone is disabled. Please try again after 24,962,534 minutes” is shown on the device’s screen, owned by a Mrs. Ye.

After Ye got her phone back from her daughter, she found that it was disabled and could only be unlocked after around 48 years, local reports said.

The iPhone security settings lock the phone after a certain amount of failed attempts to get the right password.

According to local media, a member of staff at a mobile phone store said that the lock feature was aimed at protecting users’ privacy and the safety of the device.

Local reports said that Mrs. Ye could refresh the phone’s system or reset it in order to start using it again but that she would lose all her data.

Amazon has acknowledged the existence of a Alexa bug that causes her to disobey orders and laugh at random.

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