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Slingbox arrives in Australia, Windows 7 coming in 6 2 3 flavours?, Facebook turns 5, and we look at a number of new products Sony showcased at today’s Sony Sessions media event.

Harold Braun, from Harris Stratex Networks, discusses what they are doing in the Mobility industry. Affressing efficiency issues for network deployment the comopany has IP Backhaul solutions.


George Christodoulou-Director of Sales for PCD speaks with at CTIA 2009 and gives us a overview of PCD.

FarzandAli Cisco CCIE Engineer is a Hacker WiFi

Farzand Ali Windows 7 Password Hack Cisco CCIE

New Touch Bionics created the i-limb ultra revolution prosthetic hand, that is controlled by a smartphone, and the nerves in a patient’s arm. An early version of the product can be seen in and Britney Spears’ ‘Scream and Shout’ video. Jen Markham has more on how it works.

Frank Barbieri, Founder & CEO of Transpera discusses how they power premium brands such as MSNBC & MTV for delivery of video content on the mobile network.

Mermaid ( a revolution in Peer to Peer product technology. This is one of the products. Imagine no servers and realtime audio/video broadcast to billions of viewers.

Whose blacklist is it anyway? Try asking Senator Conroy on ABC’s Q&A this Thursday; Is media monitoring a scary thing now?; TiVo shifts goalposts on what ‘tens of dollars’ can actually mean; and this week you can win a Slingbox (Aussies only) by submitting the best comments, suggestions, rants or questions. So get cracking!