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An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air. It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an airfoil, or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines.

As engineers incorporate new technology into their broadcast facilities, we’re figuring out better approaches to old – and new – problems. Chris Tarr offers up a boatload of tips, tricks, and tools that make his life easier at both studio and transmitter sites. Chris Tobin chimes in, and Kirk Harnack describes how one TV station in Oklahoma is handling tornado “play-by-play” coverage. iPhone 4 has two cameras: One on the front, which focuses on you. And one on the back, which focuses on everything else. FaceTime lets you switch back and forth between them at any time during a video call.

Hollywood is always trying to sell us crazy computer interfaces. Wavy hands and holograms? Never gonna happen. But now Fox News is in on the game, too—and the Angry Nerd is unfairly unbalanced about the network’s giant, newsgathering touch screens.

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Ever go to the supermarket and just can’t remember what groceries you already have at home? Now South Korean manufacturer LG has developed a smart fridge which can remind you on the go what food it has inside. Here’s more.

South Korea’s LG Electronics is banking on its new “smart” fridge becoming an essential component of kitchens around the world.

The smart fridge is a technological marvel, compared to fridges of the past. It boasts a “food management system” that maintains a list of the food it is storing.

It also records the expiry dates of the foods and sends out an alert via WiFi when that date has been reached.

The information can be accessed via a smartphone by consumers as they shop in grocery stores, allowing them to make informed decisions about food purchases.

[Boram Paik, LG Electronics’ Brand Communication Team]:
“The Smart Manager application has a function that can set the expiration dates of groceries so it prevents waste of groceries in the fridge. And during grocery shopping, customers can see the list of food kept in the fridge through smartphone or personal tablet PC connected to Wi-Fi network, so it can prevent purchasing unnecessary groceries.”

LG adds that its fridge can also suggest healthy recipes based on what it knows is inside.

[Boram Paik, LG Electronics’ Brand Communication Team]:
“It shows recipes based on what’s cooling on the shelves within, so customers can use foods in the fridge more effectively.”

The product will cost about $3,300 when it is made available to consumers later this year.

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A bio-tech enterpreneur claims that his new app called Uchek can test and analyze urine through a smartphone’s camera. The app was demonstrated at a recent TED Conference. Jen Markham explains the details.

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Forget cameras of the past that used to hype up zoom or manual modes. Now a Japanese camera offers instant make-up on snapshots for those caught without their eyeliner or lipstick.

Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic has released a camera that can brush up, clean up and even put makeup on a person’s face.

The camera does everything from whitening your teeth, make your skin glow, to applying powder and removing dark eye circles. For the final touch, it will apply rouge, lipstick and eye shadow.

Panasonic says there has been huge customer demand for a camera like this.

[Akiko Enoki, Panasonic Project Planning Manager]:
“We’ve focused on the fact that according to some data we’ve acquired, around 50% of our digital camera clients are not satisfied with the way their faces look in a photograph. So we came up with the idea for the product so that our clients can fix parts that they didn’t like about their faces after they have taken their picture.”

The camera has already proved to be a hit with Tokyo retailer Bic Camera, who was allowed to sell it a week ahead of the official launch date.

[Hiromi Honma, Sales Representative, Bic Camera]:
“The camera is very popular among people that use pictures in their blogs, or people that are taking just one commemorative photo that they need to be flawless.”

Profile picture experts say they are looking forward to this new camera, but add that there are certain tricks of the trade that technology cannot replace.

[Yunkoro, Blogger]:
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