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A computer’s processor, graphics card, and RAM are commonly the main components of discussion while discussing the potential performance of a computing machine, whether it is a notebook or desktop and while all of these are crucial ingredients to an efficient machine, the hard drive has the potential to become a bottleneck for the machine if uneducated on the speeds and technologies of the storage drive division. From loading basic applications to running high-bandwidth video games and high-definition video rendering, as the storage center of all files launched on the machine, having a fast, responsive drive is imperative to a snappy experience. While there are many 7200RPM drives on the market and even 10,000RPM drives emerging, because the drive relies on one or more rapidly rotating discs, speeds are extremely limited when comparing to the latest form of consumer storage, solid-state drives (often referred to as SSDs). Offering the fastest speeds on the market thanks to the lack of spinning discs and moveable read/write heads, the introduction of SSDs to the market has revolutionized data access speeds for millions of computing devices.

Kingston Technology, the multinational computer technology corporation behind the HyperX product line, has played a significant role within the SSD market and thanks to their support, has increased my productivity as a video producer and host. For those who may not be educated on the process a video producer must go through in order to deliver high quality video content on a regular basis, the process is nothing short of hectic. Between having to ensure the footage is shot correctly, edited promptly while maintaining high standards of quality, and rendered resulting in a respectable production, the hardware used to pull off such feat plays a large role in productivity.

Garmin’s latest device is a head-up display that projects directions right onto your windshield. It certainly has a cool factor, but how about the safety factor?

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“Energy efficiency needs to be a priority for all businesses. This can have benefits for the environment and the running costs of a business. However, it is an area which requires continual review and action”
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After covering the hottest NCIX deals, Linus talks about the state of smart watch market, a new storage medium with pretty much unlimited lifespan able to outlast a civilization, AMD talking about how next-gen consoles are affecting their market share, and Oculus Rift on consoles. Please let us know what you guys think of the new format and content!


Electronics salesmen are showing off the latest in technology at the 5th annual 3D Summit in Los Angeles. (Sept. 19)

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