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Technology isn’t just fun and games… it can have a major impact in people’s lives. We’re looking at tech that enables people to overcome their disabilities!

The goal of cognitive computing is to get a computer to behave, think and interact the way humans do. In 5 years, machines will emulate human senses, each in their own special way.

Every year IBM makes predictions about 5 technology innovations that stand to change the way we live within the next 5 years. See all 5 predictions at

IBM New Era of Computing. SBARTSTV Future Technology News. IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it received a record 6478 patents in 2012 for inventions tha…

In this year we will see some amazing technologies,like Google Smart-Glasses, 3D Printing, Leap Motion, 3D Printing, transparent phone, Flexible Technology a…

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