Termites by far are the most destructive pest in the world
Know to destroy homes and building constructions within 3 months is entry. Each year cause more damage to home and commercial properties than fires, storms, floods and earthquakes combined

Construction industries today require reliable, cost effective & proven termite elimination technology that’s easy install & manage

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Dear friends,
Here is a prototype system for Wireless controlled Secured Garage. In this system we use DTMF technology to operate our system.

Main Objective – Making secure our Garage and Using DTMF technology to operate our wireless garage, to save time and money.
Automation : System will automatically close the garage door after 30 seconds in case user forgot to close the door.
Main Features : User can operate the system from DTMF generator near to garage, or from anywhere through network connectivity.
If user wish to change the system password then he can change the password by following the steps as shown in video and for that purpose system gives 30 seconds also we have used a wireless security camera, to get the real time video and audio or record footage of garage area.

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My name is “Naresh Singh Dobal”, For more information please write us at nsdobal@gmail.com

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