If you are interested in art and tech (none of our hot girls are in this video, sorry), here is a brief mini-lecture giving an overview of the rendering that we use for our game. It covers the overall development process, technical approaches like motion blur, and why it might be a bad idea to choose the top of a sailing boat’s mast for shooting a scene! The main example discussed is an island fly-over that’s part of the game’s introduction scene. More information about the game at: http://www.savetheworldornot.com

test trail of a flying bicycle amazing new technology

CrowdFinch has intelligence in technology in spans of several platforms, languages and databases. Our skills in the technology are up-to-date, exemplary and latest techniques.Technology grows in course of time and even curved out of the IT dome in course of time. CrowdFinch implement a strategic approach to keep the latest and in-market technologies up-to-date.

In this year we will see some amazing technologies,like Google Smart-Glasses, 3D Printing, Leap Motion, Xbox 720 and OCZ NIA 2 — Neural Impulse Actuator. Ne…

Pr Jean-Louis TOURAINE, député du Rhône (3e circonscription) interviewé à la fin des Rencontres de la Santé 209-2010 à Lyon le 17/11/2009. Il répond aux questions de Alexis DUSSOL de Décision Santé sur les résuiltats aussi peu consensuels suite à l’installation de la loi HPST

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A good idea to choose logistics software that comes at a price that is lower than average. More often than not, such software comes with bugs and isn’t fully optimised for long-term use. Always remember that a program that is not effective or one that breaks down easily and malfunctions frequently can be more expensive in the long run.

Warehouse Management Software

If you’re into the transport, freight, or logistics business, then you should consider investing in compliance software. As you may know, the freight transport industry is subject to some of the most rigorous and strictest regulatory controls in the country. If you fail to comply with industry rules, you might compromise not only the safety and security of the goods to be transported, but also those of the people involved in your business.