Facebook @ 1superalex Apple is releasing a 128GB model of the iPad 4 on Tuesday 5th February.

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www.technologynewstimeline.com Lots of folks had no idea in 1994 – even the hosts of the “Today” show back then.

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Who many people don it want a smartphone? So what exactly does it mean by smartphone? Are there any good smartphones that dont look like an iphone? Are there…

Discover the 2014 Cannes Film Festival as never before with this backstage report !

As part of its sponsorship, Orange is providing the communications for the organisers of the Festival, including the “Wi-Fi Café”. This 300m² area inside the Palais des Festivals enable the accredited journalists and photographers to work in welcoming and relaxed surroundings. They will be able to log on free-of-charge to Orange Wi-Fi from 9am to 11pm.

New in 2014: Orange and Renault have joined forces to offer passengers using the fleet of official vehicles an on-board internet connection. Thanks to the 4G coverage provided by Orange in the region, the on-board Domino 4G Airbox will enable the passengers to log on using Wi-Fi. A service that will allow passengers to remain connected wherever they are and access their preferred content. Orange will also be inviting passengers to take part in the “#selfieCannes” operation, which consists of photographing themselves on board the vehicles and sharing the photos with as many people as possible on social media.

Follow everyday at 8.20 pm, Cannes, Series 1 Cie, the TV show airing on Orange Cinéma Séries.


a film by Karine Georges ; production warmup interactive


The founders of Ulpatek Company have been active in the field of cleanroom air conditioning in pharmaceutical, health and food sectors more than 30 years.

They know the importance of clean air and filtration from experience. Having the cleanroom filtration requirements in their mind, they formed the new company to produce wide range of filters to answer the demands of air conditioning systems from simple AHU’s to cleanrooms. ULPATEK started production in 2008 at its plant produced in cleanroom environment according to European Standard EN1822 and EN779 by most advanced machines in the field of filtration.

In the R&D facility inside the plant dedicated research engineer’s work on product support, new product development and application engineering. The company plans to pass its technical knowledge through training programs and with comprehensive literature to educate customers on filtration and IAQ.
Industrialization, population increase in cities as well as the protection of people during an airborne chemical and/ or biological attack enhance the importance of filtration everyday more than before, and ULPATEK plans to be a part of the solution team for this global problem.

Best verizon smartphone? What smartphone? is the best? Iphone impact on australian smartphone? market? What smartphones can be used with page plus? What smar…

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