Andrew Frayling discusses the importance of collaboration software in university research, particularly interdisciplinary research which is very popular right now. Collaboration software also enables students to collaborate with peers, lecturers, and professors, encouraging a better, more comprehensive education.
At Samcreations, We understand that Learning Management System is requisite for facilitating better-quality planning and management in Education industry. Our Web-enable software solutions will drastically reduce the time-lag in the availabi8lity of educational statistics and improves the quality of the data by strengthening the monitoring system.

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It’s no secret information is the key to success. The challenge is making that information accessible at the right time at the right place. For the success you’re looking to achieve, MyMedia digital signage offers a turn-key solution with the right hardware and software.

Information from your desktop computer is not useful if you are on location in: retail, corporate government, hospitality, healthcare and education. Youmr visitors, members and patrons need information within the activity and in the moment. This dynamic information can be displayed at the right time and place with relevant a targeted audience and updated within minutes by department managers to floor staff from the comfort of their own workstation.

We offer our clients expertise in every facet of digital signage. Our goal, is to set up a digital signage solution that is seamless with each organizations infrastructure and resources.

The content development team takes the time to understand communication objectives. Our installers offer 15 years of experience. From that know-how we offer our clients suggestions as to how to approach the installation with minimal disruption and maximum placement impact. The IT department has the experience to diagnose technical issues within minutes, saving your company precious time and money.

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Note-Taker took first place as the US winner of the Imagine Cup 2011 US finals. Note-Taker combines an integrated software solution for Microsoft OneNote with a user-controlled camera to provide low-sight individuals with the ability to take notes in class more effectively. The camera allows the user to zoom in on specific sections of the front of the class, back up in time to review, and generally have better access to all the same visual experiences people with unimpaired vision.

The Imagine Cup encourages teams to compete in one of the 8 areas identified as part of the Millennium Development Goals, which were agreed upon by 189 nations around the world more than nine years ago. They encompass universally accepted human rights such as freedom from hunger, the right to basic education, the right to health, and a responsibility to future generations. Now less than four years from the date of 2015 by which the Millennium Development Goals are to be achieved, it’s time we made a difference. – It’s October, which means it’s also National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).

The NCSAM campaign is intended to help spread awareness of the importance of good Web browsing practices. Cyber security is a shared responsibility, and the most important weapon we have to fight a growing number of phishing scams and malicious software floating around cyberspace is education.

Our sponsors at have been taking an active role in educating users about threats as they are found in the wild. They provide training to businesses and keep users updated on the latest news in cyber security.

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