15.02.08 Intempo launches the Rebel, Polaroid stops making instant film, highlights of MWC 2008 and Michael Bay bigs himself up over Blu-Ray prediction.

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Le design est en pleine révolution. Les nouvelles technologies comme les imprimantes 3D et des logiciels accessibles impliquent que tout le monde peut être un designer aujourd’hui. Les professionnels comme les amateurs utilisent l’open design (la création de produits qui recourent à l’usage de brevets publics) pour partager leur travail de par le monde. Le consommateur est devenu un créateur de voitures, de restaurants, de prothèses… l’Open design chamboule tout de la conception de meubles à la manière dont les concepteurs gagnent leur vie. C’est pourquoi Creative Commons Pays Bas, Premsela, le Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion, la Waag Society, et l’Institute for Art, Science and Technology ont compilé le livre Open Design Now.

Abstract : Open Design Now round table discussion

Design is undergoing a revolution. New technologies like 3D printers and accessible software mean anyone can be a designer today. Professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike are using open design – the creation of products using publicly available blueprints and instructions – to share their work with the world. Consumers are designing cars, restaurants, even prosthetic legs. Open design is changing everything from furniture-making and education to the way designers earn a living. That’s why Creative Commons Netherlands, Premsela, Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion, and Waag Society, Institute for Art, Science and Technology have compiled the book Open Design Now.

In the Open Design Now round table discussion, the editors of the book will discuss the possibilities of design within the context of shared creativity, open technology and digital fabrication with a larger audience.

AT&T rumored to launch BlackBerry Z10 A new report suggests that AT&T (T) will be the first U.S. carrier to offer BlackBerry’s (BBRY) new flagship smartphone…

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Dr. Loai Saadah is a clinical pharmacist in critical care settings in Tawam Hospital, The United Arab Emirates, in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine, USA. In this video he discusses how he uses Palisade’s (www.palisade.com) NeuralTools (www.palisade.com/neuraltools) to create artificial neural networks to solve clinical problems. .Dr. Saadah’s main area of clinical practice is in the pediatrics and neonatal intensive care units where he is responsible, together with medical teams, for devising, implementing, monitoring, and modifying patient-individualized care plans. Dr. Saadah is interested in an array of medical and pharmaceutical fields; including infectious diseases, cardiology, and neurology, where he aims at solving clinical problems with artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms software applications. He brings an experience of almost a decade in practice, research, education, and innovation in pharmacy, has been an invited speaker to a number of scientific meetings and was involved in the publication of several medical articles. Dr. Saadah is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS) from the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties in the USA since December 2007. He received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (May 1999) from Jordan University for Science and Technology, a Master of Science in Hospital Clinical Pharmacy (December 2002) from the University of Iowa, and a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) with special honors and high distinction from the University of Iowa (July 2006), Iowa, USA