In 1978 Mattel elevated handheld gaming to the next level with the Football 2. Realistic game sounds, plus the ability to pass the ball? Touchdown!

20 winners. $100,000 each. The chance to bring an idea to life. We follow 40 student finalists as they compete for a coveted and controversial Thiel Fellowship. Their projects range from cancer research to new app technology, but there’s just one catch if they win—they’ll have to drop out of school. Meet the 2014 Thiel Fellowship finalists.

Security Technology News is a web platform that specialises in connecting the security industry worldwide. Linking security professionals with potential suppliers/buyers worldwide.

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You can take videos with your phone, but it’s hard to get quality results, because it’s hard to keep the phone stabile. Most of the time you’re just concentrating on not dropping it! That’s no way to get good video! The S1 from Shoulderpod makes holding the phone much easier while taking video.

With degrees in mathematics and physics from U.C. Berkeley, 19-year-old Rebecca Jolitz is planning to revolutionize the satellite development industry. Get to know the 2014 Thiel Fellow and find out what first inspired her love of science.

Angry Nerd is hungry for some new material. Instead of force-feeding us cinematic souvlaki with CGI blowouts of Greek-inspired story lines, maybe it’s time to look beyond the Peloponnesian lore. And no, Brett Ratner, we will not be entertained with your upcoming Hercules starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Angry Nerd has been to the future and he brings back an important message: don’t see the new X-Men movie. With a scrambled timeline and inclusion of too many sub-franchises, the film adds a new dimension to the “days of future past” continuum: straight confusion.

PlayStation Now Smart TV app is coming soon and will be available on both Sony and Samsung HDTV, allowing you to play games without even a counsel! Check out the video for more info. Credit to ‘booredatwork’.