Print a report showing daily scanned files for electronic document management.

The Sony QX30 is a camera that will pair up with your phone, and actually act as an extended camera for the phone. You can clip the QX30 onto the phone, or use them separately from each other, with the phone in one hand and the camera in the other. It connects to your phone with either NFC or Wi-Fi, and saves images both in the camera and on your phone. The QX30 will be released on October 5.

Catch a first-look at the giant creature in action as the team tests out the mechanics of the frame.

If you’re gonna call yourself a geek, you should probably know where the word came from right?

VideoLink is a Canadian company that makes specialty cases for NewTek’s TriCaster equipment. You know we use our TriCaster all the time, and frequently travel with it, so we were very excited to receive a giant box from them – ready for unboxing! The TC2GO we’re looking at today is made for the biggest TriCasters – and the racks inside are perfectly designed for carrying all the gear we need when we’re someplace like CES.

In this companion to the video on Windows 10 for PCs, VP Joe Belfiore looks at key features showing up in Windows 10 for phones and small tablets. Highlights.

We’ve got our hands on a new Microsoft Lumia 435. Here’s a quick tour and some first impressions.

The portability of a tablet, the power of a laptop and the experience of a desktop. The Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series is designed for mobile professions who are o…