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M2M communication is used for data transmission between electronic devices. In cellular-based M2M connections, CDMA, 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks are used to establish connections between electronic devices. Cellular-based M2M VAS includes managed and professional services, which are offered by MNOs and service providers.

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Scientists have figured out how to type out human thoughts using only your brain! It’s like psychic texting! Of course they have to crack open your skull and put electrodes directly on your gray matter to do it, but hey… SCIENCE! Jessica Chobot will read your thoughts in today’s Nerdist News!

What other science fiction do you want to see become science reality? Discuss in the comments!

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Colour the Alphabet was written by Duncan Moran. It’s available from the Education section at

A review of Animal Land created by Michael Wilson in 1995 for the Commodore Amiga. Available in the Education section of

Newsrooms all over the world have started embracing technology to support data
gathering, crunching, reporting and presenting stories in visual formats.
Join us for a lecture on how newsrooms are using these new and innovative
technologies, how data journalism teams function and the role developers are playing and can play in Pakistani newsrooms.

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Knovio is a free iPad app that allows you to add audio or video narration to any powerpoint deck. So if you’re a professional, teacher, entrepreneur and you need to give a presentation but aren’t going to physically be there, this should be your next download.

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ai.type is a fully customizable keyboard that has all the features you expect, plus a few others to make it stand above the competition.

A review of Back to Skool 2 published by Assassins for the Commodore Amiga. Available in the Education section of

A review of Back to Skool 3 published by Assassins in the nineteen nineties for the Commodore Amiga. Available in the Education section of

A cute kid’s science video! The elusive and fascinating Nature of Sound is quaintly and cleverly illuminated in this vintage film. When adorable little Jimmy becomes curious about the vibrations caused by a moving train, he goes and gets the scoop on sound from his cousin Phil Hanson. Together they explore science with a folksy charm and good nature that is largely missing from educational movies today. The Nature of Sound is an excellent physics primer on a subject that is understandable and engaging for any child.