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Photoshop Cropping images: How to crop images in Adobe Photoshop

We are using for this course the Photoshop cs6.

Pick up one of your own photos and follow along with me as I’m going to make some changes in this picture.

When it comes to working with photos cropping and straighten your image, this a great first step
This will not only allow you to remove unwanted areas of your photo but it can also help correct cricket horizons or skylines

These tasks can be easily done using the crop tool which can be found in your tools bar to the left.
Once the crop tool has been selected you should see the crop handles around the outside of your image

This will allow you to simply drag any the handles inwards to chop off an area view photo. You’ll notice that when either side’s pulled in, the area that’s dark will be removed, while the area that still clear will remain.
Now before the image is cropped we should take a look at the options that come with the crop tool which can be found on your Options bar at the top the first dropdown, it will give us a few options as to the aspect ratio of the crop.
if you’re looking for more control over your image you can choose between ratio or with height resolution ratio. This allows you to enter a specific aspect ratio in the field to the right such as for by three or sixteen by nine.

However many the more common aspect ratios are available back in the drop down menu
and selecting any of these will resize the crop area to match that ratio and as you resize.

of course if you like to crop your image but keep the same aspect ratio that was shot at you can select the original ratio option. This means if the image was taken with a four by six aspect ratio. And as you resize, the ratio remains constrained.
If you’d like to crop your image , but keep the same aspect ratio that it was shot at, you should select the original ratio option.

This is very useful if you specifically shot your images at a certain aspect ratio, but you do want to stray away from it.

The second option width, height, resolution allows you to enter the exact dimensions of your crop

as an example if you want to end up with a 1280 by 720 pixel document you can simply enter those values in the field to the right and photoshop will give you a constrained crop area, which you can then resize and once the crop is applied the image will end up at 1280 by 720 pixels

Photos used is allowed to use and modify
Photo License link:

Narrator: Neospeech Paul: TextAloud. Use allowed to software license owners

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