Photoshop Lesson : How to change the hair color. Adobe Photoshop Complete Course

It is easier to make hair dark than light.
If you are planning to start with blonde and want to make the girl a brunette, not too hard.
Turning dark hair into blonde hair is almost impossible. The reason is because you have more data to start with in lighter colors. With black hair you will see almost no detail, making it difficult to make lighter colors realistic.

Photo used in this tutorial is allowed to use and make modification.
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Voice in the video; TextAloud NeoSpeech : Paul – Used allowed for software license owner.

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Photoshop Lesson : How to change background removing picture background

In this lesson we’ll be working with two different photos at the same time.

you will learn how to take a photo on one background and put it on a different one!

Here we have a photo with a ocean view and a photo with an adorable dog in the grass.

Both photos are opened here and what we will do is to transfer the dog alone and put it in the background with the ocean view.

Here how we do it!

Select the move tool!

Click and hold in the photo with the dog, to pick up the entire photo, and now drag it to the other desired background. Don’t let go until you drag all the way into the other image.

We have to make it the same size as the other picture.

Click : edit, Transform, and then , scale.

Now try to make the photo the same size by dragging its edges. and then click the check mark.

Now here we have two layers to work with!

Lets go to layer one which contains our dog.

In order to get rid of this green background, in a less complicated way is to make a selection of the dog.

To do that we’re going to do what we did in other videos, we’ll use the quick selection tool, not because is the best tool to do it, but because it’s fast.

We use the plus ou minus selection to work better on the edges. it will add or subtract!

Now we click the refine edge. this shows you the different background available for you.

You want to click : on layers.

Now lets zoom in a little, so we can work on the edges!

we can see that some color from the other background in surrounding the dogs hair.

we’ll do two things. We’ll turn on the smart redius and adjust for better. it will tell photoshop to soften the edges of the image.

Now we’ll use the refine edges tool. this tool is used to paint where the old background used to be in order to remove its color.

We can make some adjustment here, like decontaminate colors, that remove some other reflected color of the dog.

Also you can use shift other adjustment here like, shift edge to remove the remaining white in its edges. You can use more adjustment if you wish, but that’s enough for us.

When you click ok, that will become our new layer. the other layers is turned off, but We still have the old ones.

One more thing, to make our photo look better. We will adjust the new layer.

For this we’ll add an adjustment layer.

Click image, adjustment, exposure.

Here we try to adjust the contrast between the dog and the background. The dog is still too bright. Here we can adjust a little bit.

The last thing we’re going to do is try to match the light of both the dog and the background.

Sorry The complete description did not fit in here!

Photo used in the videos is free to be used and modify.
license link:

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