PhotoShop Lesson: Learn how to remove blemishes from your photos. PhotoShop complete course.


In this series of ten lessons we will cover the basics tools and concepts of photoshop.

We will cover the most simple editing, and sometimes also tough features that people usually wants to to with their photos.

These series of lessons will get you started in Photoshop CS6.

So lets get started!

Lets say you took a picture with your camera and want to edit this photo.

Here is a photo we’re going to use.

Here the first thing we will do is to get rid of blemishes.

This is how you do it!

Select the Spot Healing Brush tool. If its not selected, then right click with the mouse and select the first option.

Select the size of the brush. then you’re going to position the mouse over a blemish spot and click it.

we’re going to get rid of pimples and things that probaly people wouldn’t notice when facing the person. we should get rid of things that are not permanent on the persons face.

As you can see i’m either clicking or painting with this tool to remove these things and improve the image.

If you make a mistake, you can either use the click edit and then Step backwards, or you can use the history brush tool.

Now you can see the difference between before and after.

So you can see and learn how to rmove blemishes, now we’ll work a little bit with filters.

Filters can be used for artistic affect or as a utility.

Click filter and chose the effect you want. We will use first the oil paint effect. Here on the right sliders you can adjust.

This oil paint effect actually simlate what the image would look like if it were hand painted

If we click ok, that would do that affect in the whole picture, including the background.

The photo used is free to be used or modified.
Photo link:

License link:

Voice in the video; TextAloud NeoSpeech : Paul – Used allowed for software license owner.

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PhotoShop Lesson: How to remove any objects from a photo. PhotoShop course.

In this lesson you will learn how to remove an object from an image or a photo, and then we will move the same object around in the picture.

So lets first remove an object.

Here in this photo we will be removing this kid here.

We’re going to start by using the less complicated tool, which is the quick selection tool.

First lets remove this player from the field.

You start by selecting the quick selection tool.

Remember when you see an arrow to the bottom right over the tool, its means that tool has more than one tool underneath it. If you right click with the mouse you will see the other tools available for you.

the quick selection tool, as the name implies, it allows us to make a quick selection.

So I can go through the inside body and select it, like this. Don’t Forget to remove its shadow too, if there is a shadow in the picture.

But to do this selecting more efficiently i will need to bring this selection out all the way around him. So we’re going to use a feature called: Select, modify, and expand. we’ll have to expand a few pixels. You will have to decide how many pixels you going to need.

We are going t use now a very special feature introduced in photoshop cs5, and off course it available in cs6. It called: Content Aware fill.

On your background, You can bring up this feature by hitting delete, on your keyboard. Or you can go to Edit, and click: Fill.

Make sure the content aware is selected. Now click ok!

Look magic!!

To remove these dotted line, just hit view, show, and then deselect the : Selection Edges.

Here photoshop will use the surrounding pixels to fill that in!! Isn’t that amazing?

Now lets go back a little.

I want to move the kid around in the photo.

That’s how we do it!

In cs6 we have what it’s called : content aware move.

To select just right click on the healing tool and select this tool.

Now we’re going to move the kid close to his friends.

We make sure that the mode is on : move and adaptation in on: medium.

You just pick the kid up, by clicking on him and drag to wherever place you want.

Lets make some adjustment here.

There are some left overs that now we have to remove.

We can use the healing tool, but we can use the: patch tool, because its much faster.

You just draw it around the spot and drag it to where it doesn’t exist.

Off course now you have to make some minor adjustment.

Here we go! We just removed and moved an object in the photo.

That’s it for this lesson.

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Photo used in this course is free to use and modify.
Photo License :

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Photoshop Complete course
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