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FPPad Bits & Bytes for September 13, 2013: The week’s best financial planning technology news

Chiptune, also called chip or 8-bit music, is created by using the sound chips of old video game consoles, such as the Nintendo Game Boy, which was popular in the 1990s. Originating in the 1980s, chiptune has gone through waves of popularity. In the mid-2000s, musicians like Beck, The Killers and No Doubt used samples in their tracks. Today, an increasing number of people are using the consoles as an instrument. While chiptune has been seen as underground, more and more mainstream musicians have used it recently, including singer Kesha.

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The Ecoo Aurora Plus comes packed with 3GB of RAM, an octa-core CPU, stock android 5.0, a fingerprint reader, 1080p display, 16MP camera and a removable 3000mah battery. What’s not to love?! Credit to ‘JaredBusch’.

You know what’s not cool? A Batman show that’s not about Batman. Yet, that’s what we’re getting with FOX’s upcoming Gotham. The series centers on Bruce Wayne’s childhood and features origin stories of the franchise’s villains. Sound like a prequel to a prequel? That’s because it is.

The video streaming service Twitch has quickly become the hub for video game players to share their exploits on PCs and video game consoles. It’s also where you can go to watch fish play video games. At this moment, there are more than 7,500 viewers watching a stream of two fish “playing” the fighting game Street Fighter II. The stream’s creator segmented a fish tank into a 3×3 grid.

The development of a “stealth” turbine blade, based on military technology, may help overcome the problem of wind farms interfering with aviation radar systems. The problem is responsible for delaying around half the planning applications for wind farms in the U.K. alone.

Demand for renewable energy has seen an enormous increase in the number of wind turbines around the world – creating clean electricity and a problem for air traffic controllers at the same time.

According to Vestas Wind Systems, moving turbines can be picked up by radar causing a cloud of confusion.

[Dr. Ian Chatting, Vestas Global research]:
“As an aircraft flies into that cloud you can then never tell whether it is the same aircraft that has come out or if it is a different one or if it has stopped or whether it is just a wind turbine blade that is coming over towards you.”

Stealth technology has been in use in military applications for some time, allowing planes and ships to move around unseen. But the first blade to incorporate the technology has been modified to ensure it can still be seen.

[Dr. Ian Chatting, Vestas Global Research]:
“It is exactly the same technology as a stealth bomber or a stealth fighter only it is specially tuned again, so that we don’t completely disappear from the radar and if you are in an aircraft you can actually still see these things in your radar screen.”

In Britain alone, more than 5 gigawatts of potential wind power is on hold because of planning objections by NATS, formerly the National Air Traffic Service. NATS say they are working with industry to solve the problem.

[Brendan Kelly, NATS Head of Operational Strategy]:
“Whilst we do object to wind farms, our arguments on our objections to wind farms are always based on the operational or technical issues that actually the industry does understand.”

Stealth technology is just one way to end radar interference. British Wind Energy Association want a range of solutions to overcome this major hurdle.