Berlin has banned car service Uber, which allows users to summon a ride on their smartphone, for not offering drivers and vehicles licensed to carry passengers, or full insurance cover, the German capital said. Uber said on Thursday it would appeal against the decision, accusing Berlin of denying its people choice and mobility. “As a new entrant we are bringing much-needed competition to a market that hasn’t changed in years.

Apple unveiled its cheaper iPhone 5C and the high-tech iPhone 5S on Tuesday. Many rumors and industry guesses turned out to be right.

Zurf created a stand-alone web browser for Android and iOS that makes it fairly easy to mark items with a sticky-note-like mechanism it calls zNotes. Using Zurf browser, customers can tap on items they like on any website and mark that image with a zNote. Users can then attach a message to that zNote and send friends a link to the page to see the item marked for them.