Apple TV needs a refresh, and pronto, if new numbers from Parks Associates are to be believed. The market research outlet reported Friday that Apple TV slipped to fourth place on the list of most-sold streaming devices in 2014.
That list was led by Roku, with 34% of all U.S. consumers who bought a streaming device opting either for a Roku streaming box or stick in 2014. No. 2 was Google with 23%; 14% of consumers opted for a device made by a company other than Apple, Amazon, Roku or Google.

The cars many only dream of buying are flying off dealer lots. As the AP’s John Mone explains, super luxury brands and high performance vehicle makers are boasting about big sales numbers in the last year. (Jan. 15)

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Ken Diamond announces’s new website and its various features, including a slideshow, a news scrollbar, a videos section, as well as a blog for visitors to stay connected and talk about email and privacy issues.

Créée en 1996 et filiale du Groupe SFDI, Oceanet Technology est spécialisée dans l’hébergement et l’infogérance de serveurs, l’interconnexion de réseaux informatiques et l’administration de services Internet sécurisés destinés aux entreprises.
Avec déjà 4 centres d’hébergement, Oceanet Technology est aujourd’hui un acteur reconnu sur le Grand Ouest et poursuit son développement en agrandissant son infrastructure et en renforçant ses équipes techniques.
Depuis le début de l’année 2011, Oceanet Technology a son propre Data Center sur la périphérie Nantaise, ce qui a permis à l’entreprise de renforcer son offre d’hébergement / réseaux / interconnexion sécurisée à forte valeur ajoutée.

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Agent Topple’s mustache does its dirty work, and Nicole brokers a deal for peace. But why is the NSA collecting millions of Instagram brunch photos? And if your waffles have nothing to hide, what are they so worried about?

Microsoft evangelist Zain Naboulsi talks about how our lives online may change in the not too distant future. Life On Line

Ruslan Kogan came into the Midnight Update studio to give us an early look at the new Kogan Agora Netbook. Their first step into building computers, here’s a first impression on the hardware, the OS, plus a look at Windows 7 beta running on the Kogan hardware. The Details: Atom N270 processor; 160GB HDD; 1024×600 matte screen; 1.3Mp webcam; 3 USB; Ethernet; Wi-Fi. $499 (1GB RAM; 3-cell battery) and $539 (2GB RAM; 6-cell battery; USB Bluetooth module). Running gOS (Ubuntu-variant) with pre-installed Open Office and many other well known Open Source applications.

Yahoo’s new plan to release inactive account IDs for users to get more desirable email addresses is raising some concerns about user security.

Netflix announced it will launch individual user profiles this summer. The change allows family members to keep their own recommendation lists.