A Japanese company wants to build a space elevator by 2050.
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Los mensajes de voz de Whatasapp son rápidos y directos, y nos evitan la (a veces engorrosa) tarea de escribir en una pantalla de celular un texto demasiado largo. Pueden parecer efectivos, pero no siempre resultan prácticos. Al menos, para quien los recibe. ¿Cómo hacer para que nadie más se entere y sólo escuches tú esos mensajes de voz (sin necesidad de usar audífonos)? De acuerdo con la BBC, El truco es muy sencillo: tan sólo tienes que colocar el celular de la manera adecuada. Si colocas el telefono a tu oreja, podras escuchar el mensaje a un novel mas bajo. Pero No te olvides de ajustar el volumen de las notificaciones y multimedia cuando vayas a hacerlo!

The Sony Xperia XZ looks to bring some fresh to the smartphone line, especially in the camera department.
Xperia XZ review checks out Sony’s new flagship phone, a 5.2-inch Android boasting premium specs and improved camera tech compared with previous Xperia X mobiles. The Xperia XZ was launched at IFA 2016 and hits the UK in a month or so.

Earlier, desktops and laptops were given utmost importance owing to the presentation of information and other generic features such as accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. However, technological developments in functionalities and mobility of computers have led to the end users switching from traditional to hybrid devices. In 2013, several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) introduced 2-in-1 devices, also known as hybrids, swivels, or laplets that could be used both as a personal computer (PC) and a tablet. Hybrid devices are preferred over other devices majorly due to their functionalities such as lightweight nature and ease of use. The world hybrid devices market is projected to generate $30.92 billion from 2014 to 2022 registering a CAGR of 25.6% during the assessment period. Laptop tablet, hybrid models are creating greater opportunities for the industry worldwide.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 (UPI) — Traditional lab tests for the Escherichia coli bacteria can take 24 hours or longer — delaying the time to prevent infections in contaminated food, water or other environment — but researchers in Canada have created a device to speed up that process considerably. Scientists at the University of Quebec and the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur created a device that can test for E.