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B. IT(Honours) Security Technology Video (TPM3231 – IT PROJ MGT METH AND TOOL)

Robo Air Selfie | Tech Burgeon

Air Selfie è il mini drone per scattare foto e girare video, che potete portare sempre con voi in tasca, o nella cover dello smartphone.

Robo Air Selfie | Tech Burgeon

Un piccolo drone tascabile dotato di camera da 5 mpx per scattare foto, selfie e video davvero ad effetto. Cosa ne pensate di questo progetto? Visitate la pagina Kickstarter.

Robo Air Selfie | Tech Burgeon

Compatible to the open platform camera, the “OLYMPUS AIR A01”,
AIR SELFIE is an app + accessory kit which offers a fun user-friendly selfie experience.
Robo Air Selfie | Tech Burgeon:

AirSelfie, created by Eduardo Scroppiana, just launched on Kickstarter and has already reached its goal. It’s small, durable and easy to use for all types of events.

Robo Air Selfie | Tech Burgeon:


We have a look at a Subnautica Developer-Video that was JUST released and showcases the new effects for the precursor technology in the thermal reactor …

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Several months ago Armatus Designs received a commission to create a functional prosthetic hand based off of the Phantom Pain hand used in Metal Gear Solid 5. This was for a client who was born without a left hand and grew tired of his standard claw style prosthetic, but didn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars for a motorized medical grade prosthetic. The goal was to create something durable, functional and useful on a budget. This is the result!

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