225 for 6 Seated Overhead press while E shows off his huge guns!!

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Just having some fun in the gym :D. If I start with this exercise first I might be able to get 8-10 reps. Maybe I’ll give it a try in 2 weeks Thanks for watching my website: http://danielfoxfitnes…

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turtleownage says:

Good weight, why do you go so far down tho? I stop at 90 degrees, I used to
touch my chest until I snapped the cartilage in both my shoulders =/ have
you experienced any shoulder problems?

DFoxFitness says:

presses, because this exercise has the bar traveling in a more natural
plain of motion (perfectly linear) when doing a full range of motion. The
issue with seated and why a lot of people have shoulders issues from seated
OHP is because you’re pressing in front of yourself essentially, rather
than straight up and down. I actually prefer standing OHP. Also, to answer
your question, I don’t have shoulder problems from this exercise.

DFoxFitness says:

I mean this with no disrespect, but if you cannot do the exercise with a
full range of motion this indicates that you lack shoulder mobility
(primarily flexibility of the posterior delts and rotator cuff). There’s no
reason to not use a full range of motion on any pressing exercises (as well
as the majority of exercises) unless you’re doing them for physical
therapy, that is assuming you’re weight training for hypertrophy and/or
performance. You may want to try doing standing overhead…cont)

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