ZTE SPro 2 unboxing: The Android-powered digital projector

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While many were wowed at CES 2015 for products like the G Flex 2 from LG, my biggest surprise came from my visit to ZTE, and now we get to take it out for a spin as we unbox the ZTE SPro 2….


Michael Ramsey says:

Curious if this could be an alternative to a monitor if you do not play

Neoand12 says:

This is one device I’m really curious about. Its so many things in one…it
can be so many things in one.

DvdXploitr says:

I kinda like this thing….but in all honesty…WHY would you want a SIM
card in this? Odds are you’re going to be using it at home on your wifi

AndyRyu says:

1:40 ew what a bad display. I wouldn’t wan- Oh.

EnlightenedAce says:

Don’t be JR, don’t be JR,… dangit. Guess I can always watch next video

Weber Luk says:

Do you like to addition the Linux or the Unix computer operation system
inside this portable projector? I like these Wi-fi and movable computing
world components to help more people complete everything included

Tyler Walker says:

Jamie i had no idea you lived in GT :D

Ammar Ashoor says:

I feel like it’s luminace and size might be a deal breaker for me,
hopefully you can get us the full review treatment soon.

Milkmore says:

First!! :D

Lance Cabral says:

Oh ney you need to do more videos. This was refreshing from you other

Felipe Gabriel Silva Starling says:

Samsung Galaxy Beam sends its regards!

Russ B says:

Looking Forward to seeing the review ;-)

Alex Rafe says:

For those of you who are wondering, it’s $500 off contract. Which isn’t bad
considering the specs (snapdragon 800, 6300mah battery, and the fact that
it’s a projector).

The only easy Day was yesterday says:

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Seems like more of a novelty than

pri88yankN says:

Nice thought! !!

Jack Barton says:

How much?

Momo Fofo says:

hmm nice

Gargoyle says:


officerswanson says:

I need it

RobLyons273 says:

AT&T realize that nobody cares about unboxing videos in 2015. 

Hailey Pink says:

Wow never been this early ! 😀 Great review Jaime ! :)

Allen Aho says:

5th commenter


Just wondering the price

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