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Roshan Chachane says:

I would buy a watch that actually looks like a watch and not some toy, a
watch that is beautiful, brand name sound Luxurious and holds a special
place among business class people and finally, a watch that will gain and
not reduce in value by time….So, the answer is obvious…Tag Heuer

Colin Brannon says:

Samsung slowly giving apple a run for there money. Samsung constantly
making the better phone and actually being innovative in the market is
finally being seen by smartphone buyers. Won’t be long until l Samsung own
most the market and Apple has to make better products to keep up. 

pftyea says:

For the millionth time, Tag Heuer is pronounced “hoyer”.

Kurleigh Martin says:

TAG Heuer S.A. (English pronunciation: /ˌtæɡ ˈhɔɪ.ər/ tag hoy-ər)

Just saying!

Rodolfo Rausseo says:

TH is already a piece of jewelry, and MORE CHEAPER than Apple watch? Please
take my Money! There’s no comparison here. 

TheATTKGaming says:

Apple Watch: 18 hours of battery life. Likely to be outdated in 6 months.
Not a recognised watch brand

Tag Heuer: 40 hours of battery life. Better design. Looks like an actual
watch. A recognised brand.

Normal answer: Of course I would buy the Apple watch because I am
controlled by Apple’s stupid as hell marketing.

Real answer: Any person who buys the Apple watch is an idiot 

Nicktrance1 says:

It’s pronounced Tahg hoyer and yeah if what they claim is even close to
true the apple watch looks like a stupid choice to me.

Armand Xhaja says:

Definetly Tag Heuer but this time not with swiss movement but with android
wear movement 😛 Bravo Tag Heuer…

Ranger_Cez says:

Tag huer.. The Apple watch loses in style even without saying tag

NikWillOrStuff says:

project spartan wasn’t RENAMED to microsoft edge, it didn’t have a name
until yesterday.

Juan Castillo says:

you haven’t even seen it an already saying youll buy it…

DarkBlack22 says:

Tag Heuer for sure. No reason to get the Apple Watch. 

Cakefish says:

That amount of money I’d spend on something more functional. Like a
smartphone. I can’t justify that amount on a mere watch, whatever fashion
brand is inscribed on it. 

Mohammad Shakir says:

Android wear is NOT mature enough for now. Apple watch os is way more
functional and the apple watch already has so many applications which makes
it more valuable. A classic Tag Heuer would be way more valuable than a Tag
Heuer running Android wear.
Bottom line.. if you want a watch, the brand is what matters. if you want a
smartwatch, the functionality is what matters (brand would be considered if
they have the same functionality)..
That was just my opinion..

Michael Lippe says:

If I had the money I’d buy the new MacBook

Ravi Sant says:

Smart watches are not feasible because within a year the technology becomes
obsolete and at those prices u r better off buying a normal watch 

janakanms says:

even i will get Tag Heuer. normal watch definitely not apple watch..
apple is for mac…nokia is for mobile,Ferrari for car,like that its watch
brand what else we need…

Marco Reus says:

WOW thats a very cheap Tag Heuer
More of a Hublot fan tho


U kidding.. who needs an apple?

Roger Toledo says:

I would go Android since I already have a classy HTC one m8 to go with the
watch, and the battery seems good enough

ftpaddict says:

Did you learn the wrong pronunciation of “Heuer” from Americans, Jaime?

razyelleyzar says:

Tag Heuer, there is nothing here to actually discuss.

Bakr Jamjoom says:

well idk tag heuer is a more famous brand for watches than apple sooooooo i
think id go for the samsung gear A xD

Egon Spengler says:

Wow you are really hating Apple at moment dude… Can you check Samsung
market share on devices bought not stock shipped be good to see a clear
picture of this…. 

Adam Chase says:

Invest in a Rolex you won’t regret it.

Max Mansfield says:

+Pocketnow I think that Android teaming up with Tag Heuer was a good kick
in the pants for Apple who is trying to elevate themselves to Tag Heuers
status of luxury but without the same level of quality or timelessness; a
fatal and somewhat arrogant mistake in my opinion.

jaberjbaar says:

Here it’s raining elephants and wheals.

Areeb Ahmed says:

Android Wear is open source so I can use fart apps. LOL 

Troy Quinn says:

Tag huer better quality and well known brand 

Philip Aggesen says:

I don’t understand why the 1400 dollar price tag for a Tag Heuer watch is
legit when paying 1100 dollars for an Apple Watch is a “crazy price”. The
pseudo argument being that the Tag Heuer brand is already a luxury and
streamlined brand is pretty vague. One could could easily argue that the
Apple brand is pretty high-end as well and also luxury.
I don’t see the difference except for the battery life.

Lazarus Solsong says:

There is only one type of weather in the desert, hot and sunny

Zeedew says:

I wouldn’t buy a smart watch. Call me old fashioned, but a nice real watch
is what makes you look classy. 

Q Graham says:

For the price it’s a no brainier, I’d get the Tag Huer over the Apple
Watch. I mean it’s like asking “Would you get the Bentley or the Nissan?”.
Luxury and classic style brand over mainstream and a two to one year
renewal cycle.

ihave7sacks says:

So Microsoft are attempting to spoil the name “edge” much like Domino’s
pizza did a few years back? Oh wait, that name is for phones now . . . fk
me. Also, even if I burned $100 bills to keep warm I still wouldn’t own or
use a smart watch. . . . So fuckin dumb, just whip your phone out and do

Raman Chadha says:

The apple watch us just a fancy piece of a working display! Not with a
penny! Whereas Tag… Is a brand I wear! Sleek metal feeling and value for
money 🙂

Michael Best says:

+TAG Heuer are seasoned watchmakers. If they can promise 40 hours of
battery life, then I believe that they can deliver on that. This is the
best of both worlds – luxury and android wear. I’d definitely buy one if I
had the money.

Kyle Vining says:

I’d definitely have to think about u and really know all the specs and such
of the tag huar…$1500 is a lot of money 

Emzee Mekuzee says:

At this point, I’ll take any other watch over the apple watch. Nuff said. 

Abdul Basit Dalvi says:

tag heuer for its beautiful classy slim looks
if i had the money ;'(

Runal Kindre says:

Tag Heuer

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