Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 vs Moto G (2014)

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For the past two years, we’ve known Motorola’s Moto G as the smartphone to buy for those in search of the best bang for their buck. It’s one of the cheaper handsets on the market, and…


Neoand12 says:

I was hoping you talk about the speakers on the OneTouch Idol 3.

atul pinheiro says:

Alcatel wins in almost all areas :D

Kurleigh Martin says:

Software update ability +Hayato Huseman ?

DroidTime MX says:

Good comparison! Keep doing it

Jared Ahuatl says:

I gotta say I hope you’re permanent to the PocketNow team, you’re really
good at your job. And do you mind giving me your tumblr url xp. 

Jonas Gamao says:

You forgot to mention the speakers and mics, and how you can answer phone
calls even upside down. It’s a really cool feature. 

Sgt Pepper says:

I have the moto g 2nd gen.should I uogade 2 the idol 3 or zenfone 2 4gb??

The 2k says:

Where is Michael “the shit in gadget reviews” Fisher? 

Jeryll the Great says:

Personally, I feel the Alcatel OneTouch offers a better value for money.
The screen looks slightly better than the Moto G (at least in the video)
and the Alcatel modified UI offers much more features compared to the
vanilla android on the Moto. Yes, the original Android runs much more
faster, but after 2 years of using original Android, I think I’m OK with
skins running on top of Android.

Norado Rhoden says:

I WOULD GO WITH THE samsung galaxy s6

DvdXploitr says:

why was the price not mentioned? Moto G is $180….Idol 3 is $250….i’d
hope that for an extra $70 (which considering the low price, $70 is a huge
bump, in fact, you could buy a Moto G and a low end Windows Phone for LESS
than the price of the Idol 3), the Idol 3 has better specs…thats kind of
a no-brainer there

Sahit Penmatcha says:

What weather app do you use on the moto g? It looks amazing!

desmond smith says:

i’ll give this a thumbs up just because you’re wearing a coheed shirt +Hayato

Shellymon™ says:

One Touch Idol 3 might be my next smartphone for sure.

Norado Rhoden says:


fluffynyamo says:

both phones outperform my phone in so many ways 🙁 but i still cling onto
my palm pre forever!!!!

Victor Oliveira says:

Who the fuck is this guy?…………I like him.

Erolind Hasani says:

You can never replace Taylor Martin!!!

Cristian Marine says:

My dealbreaker with Alcatel is the lack of OS updates. I got stuck on Jelly
Bean with the Idol Ultra (previously owned phone) and never got an OS
update. I’d stick with the Moto G just because of that.

tavor gor says:

Plz test the idol 3 vs one plus one plz plz 


It’s Time for a Moto G (2015) +Pocketnow

FRlTZR0Y says:

just hope Alcatel updates the Idol 3 to Lolipop 5.1 and fixes any known
bugs that cause the phone to stutter because it seems like a great device.

taroksoft says:

Nice vid Hayato! Idol 3 is a great phone!

Brandon Benard says:

Someone please answer what’s the first game he was playing with the ship in
the meteors?!?

TheOneGuyArmy says:

How is that game called you were playing? (That game in space)

tonybabdos17 says:

Moto G 3rd Gen SPECS !!!
5.2″ 720p Display
16 GB | 32 GB Internal Storage
Snapdragon 615 64 Bit SOC
1.7 GHz of Octa core processor
Expandable storage upto 128 GB
10 MP Rear Camera
5 MP Front Camera

Tim Brandt Corstius says:

I would like to see a speaker comparason

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