GitHub is Changing the World

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Subscribe: • GitHub is helping people all over the world collaborate and build amazing things together. In this video, the founders o…

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Duduzerah Channel says:

Very nice video, and excellent editing and music. I love Github and collaboration!

Qina says:

Is this an Apple commercial ? So much Mac Book Air lol xD

Zeus says:

Rudebrat- The Quick and the Dead

670Kiester says:

it’s great how confused the github ui is really great i love being annoyed by a site

Brianftmit says:

Ive watched this atleast 100 times already.

Piotr Usewicz says:

I just love that you guys put dubstep in there! :+1:

Nirmalz Thapaz says:

that sound from 1:26 is amazing…

Bosak The Great says:

I :octcat: you guys!

Madhusudhan Srinivasa says:

Rudebrat – The Quick And The Dead

Fouadi Halidi says:

where is that sound from, please –> 1:25

github says:

Brendhan, Perfect timing – we’re working on a bunch of new training videos as we speak. Subscribe to this channel (or to youtube/GitHubGuides) and you’ll see them as soon as they come out. -Matthew

Brendhan Givens says:

#github has a useful collaborative platform. I still haven’t figured it out completely from online materials. I know the answer is out there, I am just having trouble getting past “simple things” such as clone, fork, push, and pull. I’d like to see a video: this is what fork does and this is why we use it, this is what clone does and this is why we use it, this is what…, etc.

ARNDG2 says:

1:25 GitDub

Luigi Montanez says:

When that bass dropped… man… it was so heavy.

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