Smart Fridge Provides Food Management System

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Ever go to the supermarket and just can’t remember what groceries you already have at home? Now South Korean manufacturer LG has developed a smart fridge which can remind you on the go what food it has inside. Here’s more.

South Korea’s LG Electronics is banking on its new “smart” fridge becoming an essential component of kitchens around the world.

The smart fridge is a technological marvel, compared to fridges of the past. It boasts a “food management system” that maintains a list of the food it is storing.

It also records the expiry dates of the foods and sends out an alert via WiFi when that date has been reached.

The information can be accessed via a smartphone by consumers as they shop in grocery stores, allowing them to make informed decisions about food purchases.

[Boram Paik, LG Electronics’ Brand Communication Team]:
“The Smart Manager application has a function that can set the expiration dates of groceries so it prevents waste of groceries in the fridge. And during grocery shopping, customers can see the list of food kept in the fridge through smartphone or personal tablet PC connected to Wi-Fi network, so it can prevent purchasing unnecessary groceries.”

LG adds that its fridge can also suggest healthy recipes based on what it knows is inside.

[Boram Paik, LG Electronics’ Brand Communication Team]:
“It shows recipes based on what’s cooling on the shelves within, so customers can use foods in the fridge more effectively.”

The product will cost about $3,300 when it is made available to consumers later this year.


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