Reimagine IP networks- massive scalability, security and adaptability without compromise – NOKIA 8

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5G will create opportunities for every industry. Combining network speeds of more than 10 Gbps with extremely low latency, it will be the driving force behind new massive broadband applications. 5G will provide a growth platform for many industries, including IT, automotive, entertainment, health, and manufacturing.

5G will connect the factory of the future and help create a fully automated and flexible production system. It will support a super-efficient infrastructure that reduces resource use. And it will enable immersive augmented and virtual reality technologies to transform business processes.

As 5G emerges, more safety and business-critical applications will run on the wireless network. To support these applications, the network will need to provide stringent, reliable, and predictable service levels relative to capacity, throughput, and latency. These levels will far exceed the capabilities of today’s network.

Nokia’s breakthrough FP4 silicon innovation and proven high performance routing software driving the new 7750 SR-s series routers help service providers and webscale operators prepare for the future by building much bigger, safer and more adaptive networks without compromise. Modernize your IP network today and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, 5G and IoT. Reimagine your IP networks:…


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