New technology makes troops invisible

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CNN’s Chris Lawrence takes a look at technology that aims to camouflage people in the military. For more CNN videos on YouTube, check out….


surya rao chowdary koduri says:

Can you double it as a bullet proof too!!

FlintSparkedStudios says:

That’s weird. U.S. military always keeps the good stuff secret for like a
decade. Maybe this is just propaganda to make people feel safe, haha. 

Sad Penguin says:

now which hanger did i put the invisible cloak on? or is it in the dryer?

Punished Turtle says:

And what happens when multiple troops have them on and are shooting? they
gonna accidentally shoot them>

SoundLogistics says:

Next headline -CNN lost half their viewers due to reporting stuff no-one
really gives a toss about.

josehim7x says:

How muh bullets you waisted?

Chip Oclassen says:

Something for the introvert?

Joshua Hunter says:

This is so fake, that it surprises me how stupid are Americans to not
realising it. There’s a ridiculous amount of flaws in the video:

First, if the light goes around the cloak, only the cloak would be
invisible, so the girl must be completely covered by it. But in the
pictures, you don’t actually see her holding it, you only see new picture
over an older one. In the third picture, the problem occurs but in a more
bizarre way.

According to more complete reports, those pictures only show how it would
look like, but again, a soldier must be COMPLETELY covered by it.
Currently, this technology only works with radio waves and circular
objects, so it’s impossible for it to just skip 20 years of development.

Julie Martinez says:


Kaonyx says:

Not as invisible as the sample in your studio

pauljackowacko552 says:

If this cloak was given to me i would simply walk into someones house rob
them and if i see a hot chick she better watch out because this cloak is
giving me alot of ideas.

Mr1mathi1 says:

Can be put to amazing use in movies :)

mrdinjemek says:

Don’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes this is bullshit

Lab Rat says:

The photos shown here are mock-ups, as the creator claims he is not allowed
to release actual images of the real cloak. Interesting prospect though
(esp if it works that well).

Eli Reid says:

I bet there original design was not from harry potter but from PREDATOR

Astrobrant2 says:

Harry Potter cloak? Bends light around someone, making them invisible? What
a crock! How could CNN be so gullible as to fall for this stuff?
Oh yeah, a girl hiding under a grass-covered blanket. Real high tech. Real
practical. I wonder how much the military will spend on R&D of this
invisibility BS before they realize it’s a hoax. Nothing but photographic

jardabc says:

Lovely! They have found yet another way to waste taxpayers’ money on

ShadySamHipHop says:

If this was real it wouldnt be on youtube on in the news at all.

zztop3000 says:

It’s obviously not just a blanket, can’t be, there’s no way it can bend
light without a power source, there are many problems here to overcome and
the only way it could be done is by using computers to calculate every
angle and project it out

Jose Jurado says:

It looks like a blanket bending light how the fuck does it bend light
around a flat surface. Come the fuck on there’s a girl underneath too why
you no reflect bended light from her?

Danny Rees says:

its apperently actually Canadian made… not for the USA
unless they bought it ofcourse… which isnt hard to belive

Nanasuke Maoyuu says:

i can believe it but… the images could all-to-easily been faked.

Brian Smith says:

Seems like an outfit for a coward.

Alireza Zadeh says:

woooow such a nice job guys


It’s like naruto hehehehe

Johnny Cossin says:

I mean their all going to die!

Allistaire A says:

2:25 “Quickly put it on and get it working” – almost sounds like a tagline
for contraceptive readily available off the shelf.. It’s a good way to have
a bit of privacy out in the mission theater. CO assures his boss: “They’re
not MIA, they’re out there, hard at work.”

jim K says:

im wearing one now, can you see me?

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