CES 2010 – ASUS Unveils the New Maximus III Xtreme ROG P55 Motherboard

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http://www.futurelooks.com – ASUS’s Technical PR Guru, JJ Guerrero takes us through the new features of their Maximus III Xtreme ROG P55 Motherboard. The boa…

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Blead Productions says:

Haha! 2:30

Blead Productions says:

I personally liked the video, Jesus! Why are you guys so judgmental?

XxNevaLuvAgainxX says:

I don’t think the point of this video has anything to do with the camera man’s ability to make quality videos. Which i have seen a lot worse And that would be mine there lol , But its the information you gain from the video not the camera work

Raffoleo says:

2:33….Best motherboard…..:DD

kairotox says:

Just pointing out a slight discontinuity in your argument. Just saying, if you’re gonna get ticked off about something, make sure you’re accurate so people don’t think you are a blithering idiot.

XxDracconusxX says:

oh MAN, I’m sorry, you showed ME didn’t you… Heaven’s sake man, I’m so sorry. I diidn’t mean to offend you with your professional grade camera that’s available at officemax. Please, accept my apologies.

kairotox says:

err…..its a flip, not an iphone. 3:05

Futurelooks says:

Sorry if we’re disappointing you. But if we pleased everyone, we’d never please anyone. We’ll keep doing what we do and make adjustments along the way. Thx for your feedback.

XxDracconusxX says:

Well, while you’re concentrating on being a dick, he’s entirely right. The constant “bouncing” that has happened in ALL of your videos that I’ve watched is highly annoying. If I were you, what I would do is get a real camera, instead of using your Iphone, and making people think you actually have a legitimate company behind this facade.

Monoking Bosse says:

the filmer is horrible.

GubKnocker says:

Oh well, its not like it really matters that we see his face that much anyways, its the information that we need anyways.

Futurelooks says:

Thanks for the tip. But it’s probably because Flip Video Recorders don’t have an optical zoom. Also, show floor has wall to wall people so it’s probably hard to backup without running into the next person.

GubKnocker says:

When he moved to the presenters face, he should have zoomed out more and showed the top of his head and his shoulders. Its basically one of the first things you learn in film class. I don’t have any examples because I don’t make videos quite yet.

Futurelooks says:

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely check out your videos to see how things should be done.

Kevin Liggett says:

This camera guy sucks, bad.

boy4everjoy says:

how much it costs ? or any websites to buy online ?

Scott Domzalski says:


krsjoker says:

cool board,got it and lovin it…pc gaming is the ONLY way

jeremy lim says:

LOL! at the 2 guy man! hahaha! “wow nice motherAsses!”

THEdestroyedONE says:

WOW WOW WOW !!! My brain exploded when I saw this.

Rangerscott69 says:

Bluetoothing a cellphone to a motherboard. Skynet here we come.  LOL

ancientemblem says:

Yeah…. 4 5870s…. amazing, WANT it! But I want X58 Chipset though

Nathan Soper says:

know any good places to buy this board in the UK?

yalman32 says:

i wish amds boards look that kewl

Woody Carson says:

l0l @ 2:35

orkie55 says:

LOL @ the 2 guys in background that looks at the blonde girls ass and then notices the camera , hahaha 😀

ReventioDaFirenze10 says:

overkill is good, im not gonna buy a new one until it’s running like a pentium 4

SaluteBass says:

i7 extremes are just overkill man.

ReventioDaFirenze10 says:

im gonna build my own

SaluteBass says:

your gonna build it or your buying a pre-built one.

ReventioDaFirenze10 says:

another fail -_-

ReventioDaFirenze10 says:

haha they *ucked

haha i never had a wii…im waitin for my new pc

SaluteBass says:

im guessing u mean the electricity bill. but then again they should give u a discount cause you might be using it for Folding and what not. we gotta find the cure..

SaluteBass says:

somehow two of my friends are really hooked on the wii. thats all they trully get to being “HARDCORE”, i had a wii traded it for a itouch and never looked back haha

ReventioDaFirenze10 says:

i have a friend we went to his house we played mario cart and then we went home after a week or o we still played the same game and we got bored. and went home -_-

ReventioDaFirenze10 says:

FAIL! -_-

SaluteBass says:

dont you know sarcasm at its finest, the wii is a fucking virus. you play it at a friends house and you get into the hype of how great technology it haves, but then a week later its just laying around the house WTF! and you face it. the Wii is a toy.

ReventioDaFirenze10 says:

wii is gay -_-

ReventioDaFirenze10 says:

it’s just how they want to pronounce it…haha im an AZoose, too..LoLz

Justin McCannon says:

4x 5870s! That would be an awesome machine. (until you get the bill of course)

SandmanGodslayer says:

AMAZING!!!!! This motherboard can put 4 5870´s, i go on my own soon =D

SaluteBass says:

The Wii Still haves more bang for your buck.

SonsOfHateSphere says:

…. EVGA can do better…

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