Atlassian SourceTree – Git and Mercurial Mac Client Overview Video

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This is an overview video of the Atlassian SourceTree App – SourceTree is a powerful Mac client for Git and Mercurial distribut…

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szlevi says:

Not only that but it’s the shittiest quality audio for a tutorial video I’ve come across this year – it’s downright horrible, it sounds like he is sitting in some sort of big tube and this is on top of his rapid, unintelligible jabbering… congrat for your patience if you managed to get through it – I cannot listen to it.
Atlassian please, re-record at least the audio in a proper environment, using a proper mic, AND SLOW DOWN, Speedy, your voice by itself is far from clear, SPEAK CLEAR & SLOW!

Verde says:

why would I write that in a comment if I wasn’t? You have to understand that maybe people in your area speak like that, yet this video is viewed all over the world, I had voice lessons, I know what I’m talking about. If you want the video to be more approachable, speak slower, and pronounce every word carefully. Just saying, I don’t care if you re-do the video or not, or if you take the feedback or not.

Noah Fernandes says:

Are you for real?

Verde says:

Great video, only thing is your pronunciation is very difficult to understand. I would re-do it or just get another voice person to say the same things.

I had to stop and rewind many times to decipher some of your words! lol.

craftero says:

Altassian should ask Apple to integrate source tree into Xcode! It’s far better and descriptive then blindly click buttons on Xcode GIT interface

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