Setting up Repository on Github and Pushing First Project on GitHub Using Git

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Setting up Repository on Github and Pushing First Project on GitHub Using Git.

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aditya rayamajhi says:

does cloning my project to my machine will help in auto update of my project to git?

0026sd says:

Not sure if someone already answered but it’s a part of the installation process. There’s a screen where you can pick your components and you’ll see a couple checkboxes (Git Init, Git Bash). Select those and they should show up in the list when you right click a folder.

iPietu says:

I’m 1 year late but still, install Git for windows NOT msysgit.

FlevasGR says:


Ziyaddin Sadigov says:

to me too

Kanchoba says:

Github’s changed now. You don’t mkdir or cd…. I am so confused .___.

Ziyaddin Sadigov says:


Theboxset says:

thanks Piers Morgan

azamsharp says:

I would recommend that you use GitHub program for Windows as it is created by the GitHub team.

Ziyaddin Sadigov says:

what is the difference between simple GitHub program for Windows And mSysGit?

shaon sikdar says:

Great Share. Thanks AZAM

muzzammil shahid says:

Lakh de Laanat hey tuj per azam Itna Bakwaas totorial may nay nai dekha
You cant make totorial as English man can do

tunisiano32 says:

Great video thanks.

hatchetwarrior233 says:

cygwin works like a charm for this

hullfc0800 says:


Rahul Bagal says:

Thanks for great tutorial.. I just shared this tut for viewers of my website

Alexis Moreno says:

same as @gtroconis85 use default settings..

Alexis Moreno says:

late hope you fix it already.. use default settings..

Dean Butcher says:

Awesome! Thanks!

KiddiHasu says:

did you get an answer?

Chuck Norris says:

i loaded it completely from… and all i knew (until now) came from (just read the SHORT tutorial when downloading! and i knew how to make a source, step by step)

hullfc0800 says:

Downloaded that program, Set it all up and everything.
Can’t find how to right click the folder I want to upload and Bash it :/

Someone help? Lol.

kauthonk says:

Seriously Github makes things about a 1000 times more complicated then it needs to be. Steve Jobs come back and give a seminar to GIT on user interface because they are mo rons.

GortMcTabs says:

Very nice overview. Good work.

magnoid says:

nice broad overview, thank you sir

azamsharp says:

Download MySysGit. Search it on Google.

Gustavo Troconis says:

I have your same problem. how do you fixed ? I am using a Mac

Gustavo Troconis says:

I have your same problem. how do you fixed ?

dgcompany54 says:

when do i copy the key?

Alexis Moreno says:

windows, but i fix it, weird, i can just use “id_rsa” as name for the public key, iif i use a different name doesn’t work

azamsharp says:

Make sure you paste the key exactly as it is generated. Do not delete any lines or anything. Are you using mac or windows?

Alexis Moreno says:

to me said Permission denied (publickey)

azamsharp says:

@eastb3ar Can you please elaborate? 

azamsharp says:

I think you have to pay a fee to make the repository private. Check out Github for the details of creating private repository.

Mir Adnan says:

I want to keep my repository private, I signed up for it. but I am not able to upload files. It is asking me for a public key all the time.

Can you please help me on this?

Prem Chand says:

how to use the public key

Prem Chand says:

how to use the public key

azamsharp says:

Origin is the name of the remote repository which is hosted on Github!

Mir Adnan says:

Can you please explain me about origin? I am unclear as to what it is

azamsharp says:

I am just running msysgit console! I am glad you liked the video. For more videos and articles please visit HighOnCoding.

Chris Lee says:

Great video!
Are you running cygwin to run your console commands ? Or are we just seeing msysgit’s console?

azamsharp says:

Make sure you are copy pasting the correct key in the git repository. If possible create a new key and then carefully copy paste. Make sure there are no spaces and return characters (line feed) at the end.

Salah Balbouli says:

when i write
git push origin master
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hug up unexpectedly
help me please i dont know how to do

tjt8484 says:

Great tutorial, thank you!:)

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