Git and GitHub Version Control Tutorial – Part 2

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Overview 1. Recap Part 1 2. GitHub 3. Using Git Bash with GitHub 4. Git Windows Client 5. Overview of Branching, Merging, Cloning, Forking If you like develo…

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Joshua Raichur says:

Best Git tutorial ON THE INTERNET.

Quang Nguyen says:

Your video is a piece of art. I do learn and really enjoyed it.
Awesome work!!!

elxen oanizd says:

Thanks for the video. Can you make something about Bitbucket? and how it will communicate with git? I kinda want my code to be private and don’t want to pay at the same time 😛

slier81 says:

y u not using tortoise git? the gui that u using is quite confusing

Sawta says:

Thank you for making these videos! Very clear. Really nice job of going step by step instead with everything! I also loved the text overlay that you threw in too, it made it really easy to go back and find a command later on. 🙂

vijayendrasdm says:

very helpful. Thanks

Mike Hamm says:

No written docs online can compare to this video tutorial, thanks.

Armagan Ozkan says:

Git === Groked. Thank you!

Michael Nguyen says:

thank you for the tutorials

salim kapasi says:

thank you!

Neeraj Rathore says:

really thank you so much it is very helpful

Sagar Kangutkar says:

Wow! Amazing work my friend. This series has been so helpful. It has been very informative, at a decent pace, good narration, great screen capturing. Thank you so much!

babylearncom says:

good job, man. One like for you. Thanks

Kalanamith Mannapperuma says:

Awesome tutorial . Keep up the good work :) good luck

kavinda dilshan says:

Thank you.. Its Very Helpful … :)

krystoufff says:

Very clear. Thank you for this very pro tutorial

1fishkungfu says:

Thank you again!!

Camilo Contreras says:

Thank you very much!

P0mpal0 says:

Thanks man! Very comprehensible.

Mohamed AboElezz says:

Nice tutorial, very informative 🙂

Sachin Dangol says:

Nice video.. Keep it up!!

Mustafa Eid says:

Thank you for that,

123japanuser says:

God Bless you for your generosity.

foofighterdaz says:

Dude, I love this serious of tutorials. The first time something has really stuck and allowed me to study and implement Git into my workflow properly. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge!

paulmorio says:

Thank you so much for doing this. This is absolutely the easiest and best way to get into git and github. Subscribed.

308tube says:

Yes you are right, it take a few days to plan and organize. And 2 to 3 days to record and edit.

308tube says:

that sounds like you dont have admin rights to do that.

8day1989 says:

How much time have you spent to make this video? Knowing myself, it would take a few days to prepare everything…

siddharth shekar says:

hi … thanks for the tutorials… I am having prolem with adding the local directory.. my projects in documents/projects/git …. and when I select the directory the folder shows but the add button is still shaded and it is not allowing me to add it… only cancel button is selected. … .thanks..

nadun79 says:

Thanks a lot man. Would you be able to do a Tortoise SVN tutorial as well? I am about to start a project as Build and Release engineer, so it would help out a lot

308tube says:

Yes you need to add those files into the gitignore file. Wild cards are acceptable. Just good gitignore

Kiwee Park says:

Is there any shortcut to add all the files with some exceptions? I created a c++ project with VS 2012 and it creates lots of junk files I shouldn’t add..

308tube says:

ScreenFlow for the Mac. Probably Camtasia or Snagit for a cheaper alternative

philduker says:

Great tutorials – thanks so much for putting this together. Quick question – what program are you using to record your screen cast?

Yosvel Quintero says:

The tutorials are fantastic
I’ve saved a lot of time to study .. thank you very much

308tube says:

Sounds like windows app is not reading the .git folder. You can try dragging the projects into the windows app… but I would back up the project before trying that.

mohit rana says:

Hi, On native windows app, i’m was not able to change the default storage directory. when i put the path of my projects folder and search using “SCAN FOR REPOSITORIES”. Any idea what’s wrong happening

GDG Belo Horizonte says:

I finaly understood the concepts thanks.
Hint for another tutorial… git with

308tube says:

glad it helped, I appreciate the comment

warzmx says:

Excellent tutorial, saved me a lot of frustration, thanks!

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