GitHub for Beginners

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This is a brief video I made for Ray that shows anybody how to get started with version control using Git, starting from square one. We go from creating an a…

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Comments says:

Thanks CLW!

Court Laszlo Wright says:

great video says:

nice work! i see your blackjack simulation there 🙂

daleinen says:

I have sort of got the hang of it to an extent. Check it out
github dot com/daleinen says:

github is deff the place for that. if you have trouble, you can use the windows gui client for it. it is very simple, and even works under WINE in linux, for those that dont like the existing github GUI tools. says:

thank you!

Creative Code says:


daleinen says:

I just want a place to keep, store, and work on my code. It’s so damn confusing… says:


jazznutt1 says:

hey guys check out this chrome extension i made for (hoverzoom viewing) says:

sorry you didn’t like it. hope you learned something about github though, it is a great site, and a valuable asset to the open tech community.

unlokia says:

He thinks he’s funny, but crass, crude jokes made me leave this video – VERY unprofessional.

paigerocks884 says:

buttstrap. says:

sure is. what would you call it?

Danny77uk says:

Great tutorial but ‘git’ is such a stupid name for a source control system. says:

haha yeah i can understand the confusion. i still fuck shit up on github all the time because i am git-tarded and can’t do anything right. half the time im pushing code to the wrong repo. ugh. i need to re-watch this video.

Jared Blackburn says:

As a relic from days when it was all about sourceforge and freshmeat, and version control was CVS, I had wondered what this get stuff was about. (At first I thought it was something peculiar to Bukkit or Minecraft mods, and wasn’t sure if “Github” was like “get hub” or some code-hackers last name.)

Mark Matthews says:

even moma cat got rim’d says:

Thanks matt!

Matthew McCullough says:

Wonderful that GeekBlogTV put this together, as we always love seeing more folks on Git and GitHub. Drop in on one of our office hours for some one-on-one help anytime too as a supplement. says:

the URL is in the decription.

Gerardo Galindo says:

Would be nice and more thoughtful if you could paste the links that you mentioned in the video under the video description, so that people can just go with one click, otherwise is hard to pay attention to you and at the same time being writing while you move the screen. Otherwise thanks for your video and for providing help says:

just push to your repo like any other file, and then link it from there in your github page. it basically works like free hosting.

Mansoor Abbas P says:

how can i add images to my github project..?? i can add html, txt, xml, etc.. files, so how can i add image file linke png, gift, jpg, etc…??? says:

by the way, thank you for watching my videos says:

forking is basically making your own copy of it to your repo. when you request from the dev, you are asking to merge your code with his. basically he would have to allow you to collab on the project. once you clone it, if the dev you forked from likes it, im sure they will merge your code into theirs.

Rodrigo Graça says:

what’s the diference between for it and change and send a pull request and clone it and change it and “send a pull request” (can we send pull requests from our “coloned” version to the main version??) says:

you have to be invited to the project to modify the code, otherwise all you can do is click the fork button to fork your own copy

Rodrigo Graça says:

GeekBlogTV thanks! now i just need to learn how to use git to help in others code… what commands i need to type to be able to modify and submit some code from a repository? says:

glad you caught that and glad it helped! Thanks for watching 🙂

Travis Cagle says:

Wasn’t sure whether you were just super deadpan and did it on purpose or not.

Thanks for the vid! I’m new to github and this definitely helped me. says:

Hahah I see what you mean.

Travis Cagle says:

At 17:46 it starts to sound like an Aristocrats joke. says:

@aerofart there are graphical tools but it is used this way because programmers are more comfy with it. just a matter of personal choice really.

aerofart says:

I just recently stumbled upon Github while looking for sketches (programs) that run on Arduino. All this git stuff makes my head hurt. What’s the point of all the command-line stuff when we have GUIs!!! says:

Thanks S2S!!

Science2Student says:

0 – 100 – 1000 – 10000 , we all start from Zero, I expect a very bright future for GeekBlogTV, WELL DONE JAMES !

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