Safe Eyes Parental Control Software Review – Free Trial

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Close – Download a free trial of Safe Eyes parental control software. If you’re thinking about buying Safe Eyes or another interne…


Matt A. says:

Safe Eyes is the worst, use net nanny trial to see how good it is

Matt A. says:

Net nanny is excellent

Germano Mosconi says:

Very cool, I have tried several also and none seem to work that well. I’m
going to download this one and will let you know how well it works.

Jimmie Durrant says:

I use safe eyes and have had no issues.

Carigan Smelea says:

Yes, Safe Eyes is now owned by McAfee.

GameplayDarkNight says:

I have been using Safe Eyes and love it.

MMMarck97 says:

Great review i like ur voice

Chukwuemeka Uzoigwe says:

Should I log the info on their server? Is it safe?

MegaYeah44 says:


alah salem says:


MrQuast100 says:

Safe Eyes is great for my kids.

Brian Hill says:

Been looking for a internet filter.. this one looks great. Thx!

Joe Derosier says:

hey man my main problem is downloading an uninstaller such as
revouninstaller and deleting x3watch that way instead of needing an admin
pass. I am hoping that with this program you cant do that.

commissionmaker2012 says:

Nice review.

ggruie says:

this good review of safe eyes.

Marcelo Alves says:

any other parental control videos you recommend?

Andrey Oleksiuk says:

Just another software for safe eyes. sightwatcher . com It`s just a
prototype, but this guys have good idea.

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