255 for 6 reps close grip bench at 18 (bdw 170ish) PR

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This is a technical PR for me on these even though its been my second time doing them in a long while! Sorry abouyt the camera angle but I didn’t have anyone…

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adamkitchingg says:

hahahah your doing your regular bench press, and look at how badly your knees are shaking. straight up awful form and awful lifts

Andrew Dale says:

nice chest bounces

kim wang says:

LOL i rep 225 for 8 at 155 body weight age 16.

idkclassified says:

thats not close grip


Impressive but I wouldnt really consider it close grip, closer then your bench grip but not close enough to take the pecs out of it.

Ryan Pedigo says:

Nice to see some new videos. Great job by the way!

Weightlifter Jared says:

good to see bench press video for a change, nice work!

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