JIRA Demonstration Video

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Watch a 25 minute product demonstration of JIRA 5. atlassian.com/jira.

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Rob Godwin says:

Isnt this the same music that plays when you’re browsing your garage in
[insert your favourite driving game here] ?

IBM Rational User Education says:

Please put a hyperlinked Table of Contents in the video ‘About’ section!

Narq says:

I think adding jazz music in the background makes the video less boring.
Because I’m an idiot, and know nothing about my target audience.

KevinWellsTV says:

oh god not more jazz music in the background. It distracts from the

Erich Schneider says:

It was a little to fast, and the music is not usefull

TheHoaryHound says:

I agree, the music is pathetic (although I’m sure it was free, and that’s
why it is so bad)

himabindu v says:

The information is very helpful but little fast to understand . it could
bit slow to grap them easily. Anyway thanks for sharing a lot in JIRA tool

Princess789s says:

Excellent presentation. Its a very easy & simple demo to understand the
basics. thanks a lot.

Jeff Wright says:

How do I get the “Wiki” tab to appear in my Jira instance? I have both Jira
and Confluence installed on the same machine locally (on ports 8080 and
8090, respectively).

Harry Levinson says:

Thanks for providing this. I agree that the speed is a little fast, but
what I find really distracting is the background music. I don’t think it
adds anything to the presentation.

ravi kaushal says:

Good presentation but music interrupts your concentration 🙂

dominik1023 says:

The music is annoying.

Roger Chan says:

Awesome info. I agree with all the feedback in regard to speed. It was a
little fast.

Pentagoon says:

Very informative and concise. Thanks for the 720p version, pausing the
screens in hi-res helped me absorb the information and explore the
interface. I’m definitely going for the 30 day trial now.

farhanabegum9 says:

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Ridha Khaskhoussy says:

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