Oppo N3 Hands On: the cool smart motorized camera

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The Oppo N3 is a step-up in every category from the predecessor, the Oppo N1, and, if the specs and fingerprint scanner don’t impress you, this cool motorised camera probably will. We know…


Hugh McVea says:

Oppo N3 Hands On: the cool smart motorized camera:

Jazli Aziz says:

Motorised rotating camera.

That’s new.

Eric Melendez says:

I bet If apple made that camera module people would be all like “ew gross
it’s so ugly who would use it?” But if Oppo does it “omg much innovation
very wow!”

Jayvon says:

You have way too much fun saying your name…lol

Roshan Chachane says:

That’s what I call innovation..that camera is the coolest feature I seen in
any smart phone for quite a while….

Riswan Ahmad P says:

Headphone jack on the side? Well that’s just stupid

Mario Rodriguez says:

what the oppo n3 should have made is make the volume buttons as the up and
down movement for the camera instead of having a separate component for
that same use

TheGamercore47 says:

Does that mean you could take 4K selfie videos

Rubus Roo says:

i’ll give the camera module a month before it breaks

Ryan Chua says:

Yeah singapore im from singapore

Jabari Jones says:

I love my note 4, and do use the s pen with it… I wish the Burton on the
s pen had more functionality. When I’m hovering the screen, I rather click
the button, instead of touching the stylus on the screen.

Kadz Ricafort says:

When are u guys reviewing the iPad mini3 and iPad Air 2? 

zone07 says:

I don’t have this phone yet and I already lost the remote. 

ryanhayn says:

Hymen Heevedda?

harry doci says:

Can I just ask you man
On ur opinion how do you compare this phone to iphone 6 or the 6+ I mean
what do u think of these 2 phones witch one is better 

Nuno MC says:

creepy photos on the subway in the way!!!
nice phone for a stalker ;D

FutureGameDev says:

Ok, I’m cool with a motorized camera, but am I going to have to carry that
remote around everywhere to rotate it? If that’s the case, I’m out.

Cesar Ruiz says:

Phone looks nice but the remote is gonna be a huge problem

billchen0014 says:

no!!!! That is just another motor/part that can break, get stuck, collect
dust and not necessary whatsoever!

Robbie Adams says:

Now that’s one cool camera feature! 

Paul Driftmier says:

Initially, the Oppo N1 turned me away from Oppo, but this N3 is actually
pretty nice, and I would now seriously consider an Oppo

Rafael Breban says:

I am Jaime Rivera 

Crusader LEight says:

Fake news CNN and BBC busted

Márton Barcza says:

Somehow seems much cooler than I expected :D

Papinguim says:

Pretty cool! Good to see Oppo doing something different. 

attnMofo says:

What’s with the white phones? Neat functions tho. 

SantEurosia says:

tft display? really?

Kenneth T. says:

This has to be the most stupid phone this year! A rotery camera? Fine but
not if it takes 10x time to rotate campared to a manual rotation. Headphone
jack on the site… ?
Hardware buttons on front, we are close to 2015…

Christian Pecksteiner says:
Khotta Bogard says:

i hope it has in app controls because a separate control….. people is
going to lose it haha, the idea of 1 great camera that rotates is good for
me, adding a new feature that we hope it lasts long because imagine if you
drop it while rotating….. geez, and it’s an oppo so…

PumpkinPipet says:

If I get that phone, I will rotate the camera all day.

GrammerNazi7481 says:

Iphone 6 all day

Tofael Tohin says:

This camera is sooo cool!!!

Eric Nonis says:


Groud Frank says:

Cute but I am not getting this phone. The N1 is *STILL* sporting JellyBean
4.2(yup, not even 4.3). That is obscene. I have no incentive to get this
over the Nexus 6 or Note 4.

Guvi Takhar says:

I want that rotating camera

YuiHirasawa says:

Hope the remote comes with batteries. 

Nathan Casey says:

Doesn’t do it for me like the n1

jayr122001 says:

It need better specs and better screen resolution for me to buy it… I wan
2k display with better battery and snapdragon 805….droid turbo is the
best choice right now but its only on verizon..

Akil Jacob says:

That black bar around the display is so darn ugly. 

Patrick Fryer says:

Okay, that remote for the camera is BAD ASS!!

MobiusCoin says:

Variable angle camera with a remote shutter? Creep-tastic.

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