Rule your roadmap with JIRA & Confluence – Atlassian Summit 2011

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Case study: As a Senior Programme Management Office Director, David is passionate about two problems – problems he’s finally cracked thanks to a combination …

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Toby Jackson says:

Excellent presentation, I’d be very interested in understanding your
approach in the more recent editions of jira, and greenhopper(agile). I’m
working with our product team on understanding and controlling the roadmap
for our business and its quite a challenge. Your insights have certainly
helped inspire a new approach I had not previously considered. Thank you

Alex Kempkens says:

This is one of the really interesting ways how to combine Jira, Confluence
and some Excel magic. #agile #roadmap – quite good ideas.

John Seiferth says:

Doesn’t the Structure plugin do all of this?

Bob Stenson says:

This appears to be the solution we have been looking for. If you have a
list for receiving updates, count me in.

Bob Stenson says:

I’m very interested. You can reach me at

soupshark says:

@rhenao001 – I’m getting started on an update to share. The basic concept
remains but the plumbing is radically improved/simplified.

Yusuf Abdulghani says:

Very interesting presentation. What did you do differently?

kurtis smith says:

Great step through — please send me details on improvements

soupshark says:

while the same principles still apply, after another year of improvements
my current implementation of this is radically more elegant than what’s
presented here. Ping me if you’re interested. Cheers.

Ricardo Henao says:

I’d be interested to see what you’ve done since this presentation.

Jennifer Clark says:

Amazing David – I am just starting at a company that went from 4 to 24M in
12 months and development and Pro Services is out of control. I am trying
to implement Jira and Confluence in 30 days — any updates you had would be
great –

Dina Barnese says:

I would also appreciate being updated as your processes change/improve.

Ricardo Henao says:

I would be very interested in seeing your latest improvements. You have
incorporated in this presentation several of the challenges that I’m am
currently facing at a fast growth startup. One thing I’d also like to know
is how you are capturing work requests that get on your roadmap. Are you
open to chat?

chasokcw says:

I am really interested in your latest evolution in using Jira for this. Do
you have more details ?

soupshark says:

Ive added dozens of improvements. Most importantly set FixVersion equal to
every two sprints, at 10d/sprint that’s 20d increments or roughly a month.
I then use “summary” to capture the project name and added a custom field
“program” to allow rolling up projects into programs. We can now summarize
total dev time on various “programs”. I also created custom workflows for
projects and resources, added a separate “project color” for reporting. A
huge change was a new field to allow reporting time

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