How to install and setup TortoiseGit then a demo with GitHub

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Free open source Git version control application. 1. Install 2. Setup 3. Demo on how to use local and Pushing to GitHub…

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vijay t says:

While pushing I am getting following error dialog box “Disconnected: No
supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)”

Sai Ram Pulluri says:


IgnoreMyChan says:

Your tutorials are absolutely outstanding! Thank you so much, I really
needed this!

Panagiotis Arvanitis says:

thank you so much..!! 🙂


Very good and professional tutorial. One thing is that you say “go ahead”
way too often 🙂

Harsh Chunara says:

Thanks, it would help me lots……..:)

IgnoreMyChan says:

I also loved the Git and GitHub Version Control Tutorial (part 1 to 4).

Kita Kita says:

This video was a lot of help. Thanks!

308tube says:

Thank you for the comment

Miķelis Baltruks says:

Thanks – I was running your video in background and understood everything
that has to be done. Didn’t even watch nor listen. 😀

Alexandr Sadykov says:

Let’s go ahead! 🙂

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