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GrammerNazi7481 says:

I already own the iPhone 6, but can’t wait to get the 6s for the sapphire
glass. Apple moving the goal posts again with innovation 

AnimeBeefRandoms says:

Does the fire phone run Android Apps?

Tawaab Gouhar says:

I think it’s because so many people already have one and they don’t see any
use in upgrading to a new one.

Roshan Chachane says:

The whole concept of Tablet was based on mobile media consuming device and
now when phones are getting bigger and ultra-convertible laptops are
getting thinner with same power of full blown pc…it’s impractical to
carry around tablets, which are slightly more or equally powerful as cell
phones but are having much less power and even utility in compare to a

Genrole June Caspe says:

1. One tablet is enough for one person.
2. Almost every high-wealth to medium-wealth people has tablets.
3. No new features being introduced to tablets. (Although the Surface Pro 3
did a great job, it’s just EXPENSIVE)

JumpingMouse says:

I want to hear your opinion: is there a solid 4G tablet a really cheap
price. Just for browsing internet & watching YouTube. Solid battery, good
screen & 4G is all I need.

Reticulated Viper says:

The whole tablet market today just doesn’t make any sense to me. Are
tablets supposed to be the mediator device between laptops and smartphones,
or a laptop replacement? Technically your just paying extra for a device
with a blown up screen with equal or less power then a smartphone. With all
the mighty specs and software goodies they cram into those 5 inch
smartphones these days, you’d think that tablets like the iPad would be
orders of a magnitude more useful and powerful.

tea swee guan says:

you such a big liar. you just a microsoft hater and apple fanboy. microsoft
surface pro 3 do grow. suck it up..

BustedRC says:

I agree as you really do not need to upgrade tablets often. With no new
groundbreaking technology that everyone wants, why upgrade and waste more
money. I have 3 Tablets, not even thinking of buying new for a couple of

Darude Sandstorm says:

Whatever they do to the physical part of the iphone 6s, the thing that is
always a deal-breaker for me, that is customisation. I cant live without
having a live wallpaper, custom logos and custom locks screens. Who agrees?

Bon Jorte Badiango says:

It’s mostly because smartphones are growing in display size as of late. Who
needs a 7 inch tablet if you already have a 6 inch smartphone?? 

New American Fishkeeper says:

I believe Tablet growth has stopped because of phablets. I am typing this
on an LG G3 and I have not used my Galaxy Tab 4 that I just got in
September. I got a G3 earlier this month, and it has filled almost all my
tech needs.

Khiry Clarke says:

I have the note 3 and a nexus 6. I picked up the nexus 9 just to test it
out. The thing is, my phones do what the tablet does and is capable of
more! And phones are not small devices anymore….tablets need a wow factor
or they will be a trend that dies out just like the smart watches
will…unless they bring a wow factor

Stewart Craig says:

If they are still growing 7% how is that in decline? 

Afaque Hussain says:

Perhaps tablets are just blown up smartphones with larger displays, larger
battery and bad cameras. If you need more you either go for an ultrabook or
may be even Microsoft surface pro. 

m_src says:

Tablet growth had slowed down due to not being compact enough to carry
around like a smartphone and with the introduction of phablets there’s no
need to buy a tablet as it functions like having both a smartphone and

Sergeant Snuber says:

Most tablets are just larger phones with less functionality. Excluding the
Surface Pro. Maybe every one has realized that. 

Ando Bando says:

What exactly is his country?

MixEcoSystem says:

No one is really making revolutionary tablets. Also phablets are really in
full swing–heck even Apple is in the trend! If people need to do “real
work” and requires a bigger screen, they can get a descent $ 500 laptop
that can do magnitudes more than a mobile tablet.

Dino Giam says:

Getting a new tablet doesn’t make sense at all!!! I am now still using 1st
generation Galaxy Tab 10.1. It still works fine, just a little slow. Each
year producer will launch a new tablet with some “add-in” new feature and
making “convincing” advertisement and press conference that you should
change you tablets every year, which doesn’t make any sense. 

Viraj Gandhi says:

Tablets (mostly iPads) are decreasing in sales because the company keeps
them running up to date with new software and durable hardware. For eg. My
iPad 2 is running iOS 8.1.1 and i can run almost any game on it.. I didnt
need to buy a new tablet for years and dont think i need one for a couple
of years more..

Nathan Mathews says:

laptops are sliming down to the point where they’re barely bigger than a
full sized tablet, and smartphones are getting so big, they’re only
remotely smaller than compact tablets, so what’s there really is no point
in buying tablet any more

Clark Even says:

the iPad has never been and never will be a must have. You have a
conversation device, phone. and a productivity device, computer. if people
thought the iPad was a must have they have boughten it and either figured
our they didn’t use it or it works fine as an entertainment device.

brandon moreo says:

The issue is so many people now have their own tablet. I know in my house
we have 4 tablets. My friends all have tablets from surfaces to androids.
The improvements each year isn’t enough to want to upgrade. 

Hunter Tyree says:

So many people now own a tablet. And they are probably already loving it.
So it doesn’t make too much sense to upgrade every year or 2.

Mr_Mau5 says:

Simple, it’s just like your phone on a big screen, so why buy something you
already have.

oolong2 says:

There’s little reason to buy a new tablet when all they’re offering each
year basically the same display, same crappy camera, and slightly improved
processor. All the real innovation is in smartphones while tablets (other
than surface pro) are mostly for browsing the web, checking mail, and
consuming content. You don’t need the latest and greatest to do that.

Windsor Lim says:

Why hardly anyone buy a tablet? Because they are not smart at all. Whatever
you can do on the tablet, you most likely can do on the phone. The only
tablets to adore this year is just Samsung’s (with multitasking) and
Surface pro tablets. Because they are smart enough. BUT, apps for that
particular region, does not grow. Meaning, we should expect applications of
software that requires bigger screen to work with still does not either
appear yet, or they are just crappy as for now. 

Bingo Heart says:

I agree, the more technological we get the more we know about technology. I
never buy a new computer, I rather just upgrade. I still use my asus fhd
memo pad, It does everything I need it to do. Maybe make an upgradable
tablet???? I mean new tablets and smartphones every year does seem stupid
since sometimes they cant make the innovation to keep up with demands.

alexis alvarez says:

People buy their kids phones because its just cheaper than a tablet

Nick J says:

Two main reasons:
1. Tablets become obsolete much later than smartphones. Even after 3 1/2
years, an iPad 2 is still a dependable gadget.
2. Phablets. When you have 6 inch phones, many people don’t see the use for
a tablet.

legocraftmation says:

I think everyone that wanted a tablet already has one. I have the nexus 7
and have no need to get the nexus 9.

aiman razi says:

Maybe it’s because smartphones are getting bigger

AlFatihaOnRS says:

Because unlike smartphones, people don’t (normally) get a new tablet every
year. If contracts weren’t a thing I doubt most people would update their
phones every year either, although they end up paying more than buying it
straight out, but they don’t realize that, they just see 199$ or 649$.

renny placencia says:

ipad is in decline because it doesnt offer anything an iphone doesnt its
just a big iphone has no usb no multitasking i own a 6+ and apple doesnt
give me a reason to get an ipad its just a bigger 6+

Vikhyath Kamath says:

I believe phablets have killed the tablets. Sure there’s huge drop in the
ipad sales but the iPhones(or any phones) are still selling greatly. Even
your point on tablet not needing an annual update is valid. 

Mohd Thasreef says:

i think this is because of the china tablets that is in the market which is
so cheap 

Drumerpunk1 says:

just my opinion, but i believe people have realized that the incremental
upgrades every year are just to small to upgrade every single year. I’m
not saying for the upgrades on tablets or smart phones to be gigantic or
anything, but at least more of a reason for people to invest in them every
year would be nice.

jessejamesbitch! says:

Only Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has really done this, but I’m going to refer
to the rest of the majority of the market. Phones and tablets have
literally the same components inside and out. Same chipset, GPU, etc. There
is nothing that differentiates the two besides the bigger screen. Why do I
need a tablet, when the big ass phones can do the exact same thing and
include a better camera. There is nothing that a tablet can really do
different then a Nexus 6, iPhone 6+, or a Note 4. Fix? Put OS X on an iPad
that is user-friendly with touch. So yes apple get your lazy ass out, and
work on a touch-based friendly OS X version on a Tablet. This goes the same
with all the other brands. Tablets are supposed to replace a desktop class
laptop and make a hybrid out of it, and all you have done is make a much
much bigger phone. What is the point of that? Also, most of us don’t have
an extra 500-900 dollars to spend each year, on such a minimal upgraded

Anthony Zamora says:

Everyone has one already and most buy the cheap tablets for there kids. At
least that’s what i think…

gurinder singh says:

Tablets are priced almost the same as smart phones and the software is
similar to phones. Also when you look at iPads, they are exactly the same
in design and you get updates for atleast 4 years for Apple products. 

MrWoopWoop12345 says:

The only reason I would upgrade my tablet is if it was broken. I was
intending to keep my nexus 7 2013 edition for at least two years, but then
after one year, 4 things on it were already either broken or not working
right. That included the headphone jack being shot, the USB port being
ruined, the gyroscope being disconnected from the motherboard, and every
time I dropped it, it would reboot itself. Now I’ve got the nexus 9 and I’m
intending to do just what I had intended to do with my nexus 7.

Tim datoolman says:

I think the reason for the decline in tablet sales is because of just what
you said, the people that want a tablet have one and are not upgrading
every year. 

Japneet Dhaliwal says:

OEMs still release tablets yearly like phones, but it takes a lot longer
for them to be considered obsolete. New features from iOS and Android
usually only come to phones, so there’s not much reason to buy a new tablet
until it’s literally unusable.

Sunshine Lanx says:

In my case, I think the tablets getting less and less needed for few
reasons, first is that phones are getting bigger in any way, pretty much
tablets getting more and more useless, second is that phones are advertised
better then tablets and the last thing in my opinion, tablet using same OS
as mobile OS, which mean it’s just blown version of a smartphone that has
more options.

HetPandaKanaal says:

People don’t buy every year a new tablet that’s redicilous

Kevin Bhasi says:

With the nexus 9 case, I think they forgot to put a trackpoint as they
probably forgot that android has MOUSE support…
3:23 I’m pretty sure that it’s because people want proper desktop OS
tablets and not those mobile OS tablets

Andrew Nigsian says:

The reason tablet sales are declining is that people have finally realized
that, ironically, tablets are horrible when it comes to mobility: it’s a
bitch to take it out of your bag and put back in every few minutes the way
one does with a smartphone; it is painful to hold with one hand, much less
do anything on it while walking. It will never replace my MBA which I carry
around with me all the time. Finally, both tablets and laptops are going to
take the best part from each other and give birth to a new device like the
Surface pro.

Ashwini Adlakha says:

I think it mainly because almost all companies are going all in with their
phablets (even apple). Why would you want a tablet if you have a 5.5 to 6
inch phone .

Valentino Presutti says:

The problem is that tablets don’t get stunning new things for catching
peoples eyes. And the main reason of tablet for not growing is phablets.
They can do exactly wath a tablet can do, and they are portable.

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