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Developed by the global leader Civicom Marketing Research Services, Glide is a multi-media management tool that makes digital assets easy to search, edit, clip, and share. It’s a way for users to collect, organize and analyze content, whether that be audio, video or photos, to help you deliver your message.

Derive is shaking things up with the newly released DeriveVQ, a safe driving product that significantly mitigates distracted driving.

Wagz specializes in creating connected home products for man’s best friend.

Their smart dog collar tracks everything you’d want to know, including activity, exercise, temperature, and of course location.

This unique piece of machinery takes the loud and expensive factory machine and scales it down for the home or small business.

LAUT is a company that makes fun and vibrant phone cases for the latest phones on the market. They even have over 80 newly released designs for the iPhone X.

With Soundwave Art you can convert your voice or any sound into a work of art. The process is simple and easy.

The Soundwave Art app is available on iOS and Android devices. For more information or to purchase your Soundwave Art head over to

Everyone needs a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm in their home. Onelink cuts down on clutter while still offering the convenience of hands-free voice commands.

Humanscale is the leading designer and manufacturer of sustainable, high-performance ergonomic products. Our mission is to lead the way in movement and offer choices that are healthy for people, good for the environment, and smart for business.

ECOVACS designs intelligent home cleaning solutions with advanced technology at a significantly lower price.

Find out more about ECOVACS products by heading to

The UFO is an invention of beauty tech that redefines face masks. And while facial masks are a popular beauty trend, is laying down for 20 minutes under cold, wet sheets of paper the best we can do?