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Hear how Atlassian’s customers IHMC, Education First, Cochlear, and Tesla, are helping people around the world through the power of software.

Atlassian is offering its Stimulus Package, where you can buy its JIRA and Confluence Packages for $5 each for 5 users. These usually go for $1200, so this is quite a savings and I thought it was worth doing a video on. Distributed by Tubemogul.

As cloud computing becomes an increasingly important issue, the need for cloud-based tools increases as well. Atlassian, a software development and collaboration tools company, released JIRA Studio 2.0 late last year to help fill the need for cloud-based tools.

WebProNews recently spoke with Jay Simons, the Vice President of Marketing at Atlassian, about the tool suite. JIRA Studio 2.0 is integrated with the Google Apps Marketplace. The tool suite includes an activity bar that incorporates Google Talk on every page. This allows developers to ask questions, make suggestions, and more without ever leaving the tools.

Simons also offers a few tips for selling cloud apps on the Google Apps Marketplace. He says since very little information can be put on the list page, it is very important that it is descriptive.

Additionally, he suggests thinking about where you take the user from the list page. According to Simons, testimonials and reviews are both effective. He says Atlassian wou

Five reasons to come work for Atlassian: Atlassian’s core values.