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Pediatric ems education – Get free Pediatric ems education – 2014

Pediatric ems education – Pediatric ems education
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Pediatric ems education ( LINK ) :

Pediatric ems education – Pediatric ems education
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Welcome to the SMART Tech2Tech video series on the SMART Notebook 15 collaborative learning software. This third video provides an overview of the configuration steps for the Education Software.

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Videogame publisher ZeniMax on Wednesday sued Oculus, alleging theft of trade secrets during development of a gaming headset by the virtual-reality startup that Facebook has agreed to buy for $2 billion. ZeniMax and its subsidiary id Software Llc are suing Oculus and co-founder Palmer Luckey for, among other things, hiring away employees like well-known game programmer John Carmack to “surreptitiously gain further unauthorized access” to intellectual property.

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