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Videogame publisher ZeniMax on Wednesday sued Oculus, alleging theft of trade secrets during development of a gaming headset by the virtual-reality startup that Facebook has agreed to buy for $2 billion. ZeniMax and its subsidiary id Software Llc are suing Oculus and co-founder Palmer Luckey for, among other things, hiring away employees like well-known game programmer John Carmack to “surreptitiously gain further unauthorized access” to intellectual property.

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Cervical Spine Surgical Arthroplasty Total Disc Replacement orthopaedic patient education. Illustrates the surgical technique for performing a cervical disc replacement, also known as a cervical arthroplasty or total disc replacement. This procedure is used to remove an intervertebral disc that is causing uncontrollable pain or is compressing the adjacent spinal cord or nerve root. The damaged disc is replaced with an artificial disc made of various metals and plastics. There are a number of artificial discs, also known as orthopedic patient education. Each one looks different and has different techniques. However, the basic procedure illustrated here is common to all cervical arthroplasties. Also shown is the removal of the pathological disc, the preparation of the intervertebral space for the artificial disc, the insertion of the artificial disc. Visit http:/ for more information. Cervical Spine Surgical Arthroplasty Total Disc Replacement orthopaedic patient education.

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THE most amazing concert I’ve ever been to! The Brandi Carlile Pin Drop Tour.

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This is an animated promotional video we made for Integrity Software, introducing their new construction sector management software, EvolutionM | Visit for more…

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