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LUCI is an innovative entertainment experience company that’s making huge strides in enhancing the emotional connection to the content.

This mobile app is a brilliant way to learn, explore, and have fun with Euclidean Constructions or geometric designs made with only a straightedge and a compass.

By designing the most elegant yet simple solutions in the least number of moves, you’ll earn a higher score.

The solution is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and we’ve got just the thing to help you out. Carin [pronounced: Karin] is unlike any other kegel exerciser on the market with its smart patented textile.

Modius [pronunciation: moh-dee-us] is a headset created by two neurologists that stimulates the part of the brain associated with metabolism and fat storage.

So instead of just hitting a button to turn it off and falling back to sleep, you’ll first have to complete a task. Photo Mode requires you to get up and take a picture of a pre-determined place to dismiss the alarm. Shake Mode requires you to shake your phone to turn the sound off.

Dumb Ways to Die is irreverent and almost ridiculous with the things that happen. It’s essentially drawing people to a message through entertainment and that message is about being safe and not taking dumb risks because there are serious consequences.

Biopage is a unique concept that allows people to get to know the real you. Biopage offers you space to write a bio containing up to 5000 characters. That way you can compose an insightful glimpse into who you are.

ROLLOGO is the only brand that provides designer luggage fused with technology. Their premiere suitcase, the ESCAPE, is a perfect blend of style and efficient technology.

Breaking News _ New technology could stop truck attacks in urban areas

Here is a quick video on how to domain join windows 10

Windows 10 – How to Join a Domain | YouTube

Below are minimum requirement for domain join.

Tip: Some time while joining a PC to a domain in home environment will not work and usually give an error message ” the domain could not be found “. Turn off IPV6 and tyr again.

A User Account on the Domain. It is the basic requirement, contact your Network Administrator to set it up.
Name of Domain you want to join.
Computer running Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise/Education editions. (Windows 10 basic versions can not do this).
Domain Controller must be running Windows Server 2003 or later.

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