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Oklahoma protection and safety company Protecht created the Bodyguard blanket. It hopes schools will invest in the stowable and foldable “body shelter.”

Sammy Screamer is the first in a line of networked parenting gadgets by BleepBleeps.

2020 Football Technology – Wow Its Amazing

CDTECH’s Bulk SMS Plans- the EMAIL & SMS software is an effective communication tool that is handy for correspondence via both E-mail and SMS. These personalized communication modes are used in various fields and not limited to Education, Health-care, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, FMCG, Energy, Transportation and Retail. This Communication tool enables connectivity to unlimited home, office, business circle to pass on personal, informative and marketing messages of concern, knowledge and sales promotion.

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NJN News Science & Technology Report – Student Scientists

حجم جديد وشكل مختلف للأيباد 5 || اخر اخبار التكنولوجيا Latest Technology News

Mark Zuckerberg on Education Software

After recently discovering Winters is actually his supervisor, Agent Topple mobilizes the full power of the National Security State to neutralize this inconvenient threat on his own security. All while catching up on his “stories,” also known to many as the illegal surveillance of private citizens in the comfort of their own home. This is surprisingly stimulating.

Summer is coming to an end and that means students across the country are prepping for back to school. Technology has become a must-have and students and parents need to make sure they gear-up with this year’s latest tech.

Award-winning Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong partnered with brands to showcase a gadget guide that will give students an edge when they head to class.

Learn how to print a bonafide certificate of student using OpenEduCat.